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Now with DAB/DAB+

New network music system CEOL-N11DAB from Denon

With the new CEOL-N11DAB music system, Denon has given the successful CEOL receiver yet another update. Read more

Violectric DHA V590

Two 32 Bit AKM 4490 DACs

Violectric DHA V590: DAC, Resampler and Headphone Amp

With the DHA V590, Violectric presents a combination of digital-to-analog converter, resampler, preamplifier and headphone amp. Read more

Levar Ultimate

Ultimate, Canzona, Unica and Resonance

New Turntables, Absorbers and Cleaning Machines from Levar

With their two new record players "Ultimate" and "Canzona", their new record cleaning machine "Unica" and their new magnetic absorbers "Resonance",… Read more

Ruark Audio R3

Compact Design

Ruark Audio R3 Music System

Ruark Audio's new R3 model combines the technical highlights of the R2 and R4 models in a single compact music system. Read more

Audio Physic Avanti 35

35th Anniversary

Audio Physic Anniversary Speakers

The German loudspeaker manufacturer Audio Physic is celebrating its 35th birthday and has given a comprehensive upgrade to the Avanti, Tempo and Step… Read more

Klipsch T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren Edition

Collaboration with McLaren

New True Wireless In-Ears from Klipsch

Klipsch presents three new true wireless in-ear headphones. The top-of-the-line T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren Edition combines Klipsch's audio… Read more

Chord Burndy

For preamps, sources, active crossovers and power amps

Chord Burndy for Naim Audio

With the Burndy series The Chord Company brings ten different cables for Naim's special power connections. Read more

ATC SCM150ASLT Limited Edition

With ATC P6 Power Amp

ATC brings Limited Edition of SCM150ASLT

The British manufacturer ATC Loudspeaker Technology presents the SCM150ASLT Limited Edition active loudspeaker system. It is strictly limited to 22… Read more

"Major Challenges"

Sennheiser plans to cut jobs

In response to the "accelerated dynamics of the headphone market " and due to the current and as well as expected long-term effects of the Corona… Read more

Deezer Gapless Playback

On mobile devices

Deezer HiFi with Gapless Playback

Deezer now offers gapless playback with a HiFi subscription on mobile devices. Read more

Gryphon Vanta

New Series

Gryphon Flagship Cables "Vanta"

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Gryphon is launching the new flagship "Vanta" models – as power, XLR, speaker and digital cables. Read more

 GeerFab D.BOB

External Conversion of SACD Signals

DSD to DoP Converter GeerFab D.BOB

The GeerFab D.BOB accepts DSD signals via the HDMI socket and outputs them as DSD over PCM (DoP) via the S/PDIF sockets. Read more

Home 150, 350, 250

New Speaker Placement Settings

Update for Denon Home Speakers

Denon's multi-room speakers "Home" can now be individually adapted to the room via app. Read more

Dual CS 800 in black

Now also in black

Dual CS 800 with dark Aluminum

The recently introduced turntable for 1.200 Euro is now also available in all black. Read more

702 Signature

Polished and fine tuned

New 700 Signatures from B&W

Bowers & Wilkins further improves upon the sound and look of the 700 models. Read more

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