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Phono-Preamp from Genuin Audio

Genuin Audio's brand-new phono-preamp is called "Pearl" and can be supplied by an MM- and MC-cartridge simultaneously.

3 months for free

Spotify extends free trial

New customers who have not yet used a Spotify trial subscription can now enjoy Spotify Premium for 3 months free of charge.

Compact Klipsch Speakers

Retro-Box with Bluetooth and Phono

In September, Klipsch is launching a new series of Bluetooth loudspeakers in retro design ranging from the portable mono model "Heritage Groove" (180…

Better contact

"C Lock" wall sockets

The wall sockets from C Lock come with a locking system that guarantees permanent contact.

Affordable AMP & CD-Player

Denon PMA-600NE & DCD-600NE

If you want to lay the foundation for a HiFi system with a tight budget, you can now go to Denon for the new "600" components, consisting of the…

Class A, discrete FETs

PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamplifier

From Boulder, Colorado comes a new phono preamplifier with the "Stellar" family name.

Enjoy The Music

Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest

Stereo Magazine's official Internet Partner Enjoy the Music will be sponsoring this year's Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest (RMAF) Thursday…


Burmester streams classical music

The Burmester Musiccenter app now offers access to the Berlin classical music streaming service "Idagio".

Roon ready, Roon tested

New devices with Roon certificate

The choice of Roon-capable streamers and DACs grows once more: ELAC's all-in-one preamplifier Alchemy DDP-2 (photo) supports Roon's proprietary RAAT…

Noble cables from Germany

In-akustik LS-1204 Air Pure Silver

In-akustik completes its loudspeaker cable series with "Air" technology: With the LS-1204 Air Pure Silver, the LS-1204 is now also available as a pure…

USB Turntable

Teac TN-3B

As successor of the TN-300 Teac now offers the complete turntable TN-3B.

Best Products 2019-20

EISA Awards unveiled

On August 15th, the secret was first revealed: the EISA Awards for the best products from various categories of consumer electronics, including hi-fi,…

Preamp with new DAC

McIntosh C2700

This autumn McIntosh is launching the new C2700 tube preamplifier with the new DA2 DAC module.

sQ+ and Amarra Luxe

Amarra Summer Discount

Californian software developer Sonic Studio is now offering its sQ+ equalizer for Mac at a special price of around 36 euros (instead of the regular 46…

Two new Subwoofers

SaxxTec deepSOUND DS 150 DSP & 120 DSP

At the end of August, Lower Saxony-based manufacturer SaxxTec will launch two new subwoofers: the deepSOUND DS 150 DSP for 1600 Euro and the deepSOUND…

New Streaming Bridge

Meridian "210 Streamer"

"210 Streamer" is the name of a new meridian network player that exclusively outputs digital signals, either via the proprietary "Speaker Link" jacks…

Google Assistant and Noise Cancelling on board

Panasonic HD610N Bluetooth Headphones

With the HD610N, Panasonic is launching a headset with Bluetooth, noise reduction and voice control in September. The successor to the HD605N offers…

Purist High-End

Gryphon "Essence" pre- & power amplifiers

At the beginning of next year a new high-end amplifier combination will come from Denmark: "Essence" from Gryphon.

Improved Successors

Pro-Ject Record cleaning machines "VC-S2 ALU" & "VC-E"

Three years ago Pro-Ject introduced its first record cleaning machine, the VC-S. Now two improved successor models are coming onto the market: the…

New Generation

Mu-so Qb 2

After the "big" all-in-one system Mu-so 2, Naim is now also updating the little sister Mu-so Qb into its second generation.

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