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MC Pickup Hana Umami Red

Phono MC Cartridge Test

Hana Umami Red Review

Refined Taste – Since its debut in 2016, the Japanese brand Hana has quickly become a gourmet tip among connoisseurs of analog technology. Now, they…

| Matthias Böde
KEF LS50 Meta

Standmount Speaker Test

KEF LS50 Meta Review

Meta-Morphosis – After eight years, KEF has thoroughly modernized its best-selling speaker LS50. This all mainly centers around the "MAT" strategy,…

| Matthias Böde
AVM PA / MA 30.3

Pre-/Power Amp Test

AVM PA 30.3 and MA 30.3 Review

The Follow-Up – AVM created the outrageously attractive "30" series for the company's 30th anniversary, and now extends it. This is done somewhat…

| Tom Frantzen
DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4

Preamp and Room processor Test

DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4 Review

Multiple Choice – The X4 preamplifier from Finnish manufacturer DSPeaker is as versatile as it is intuitive and aims to help any system achieve its…

| Julian Kienzle
JBL L100 Classic

Standmount Speaker Test

JBL L100 Classic Review

Full-bodied, Powerful, Vintage – Manufacturing legend James B. Lansing, "JBL" for short, revives a successful model from 1970. We will answer the…

| Tom Frantzen
Copland CTA408

Integrated Amp Test

Copland CTA408 Review

The Prince of Denmark – Four KT-150 high performance tubes with ultra-linear circuitry are supposed to elevate the new Copland CTA-408 to the top of…

| Tom Frantzen
Thorens TD124DD

Turntable Test

Thorens TD124DD Review

A Bold Choice – In manufacturing this replica of the famous TD124, Thorens is venturing into perhaps the greatest legend of its glorious analog…

| Matthias Böde

Integrated Amp Test

NAD M33 Review

All Digital, of Course – With the M33, NAD is making the definite step from a classic integrated amplifier towards an ultra-modern and complex…

| Michael Lang
T+A HA 200

Headphone Amp Test

T+A HA 200 Review

A Perfect Pair – There is not really a more spectacular or successful way to enter a new segment than T+A did with their Solitaire P headphones – with…

| Michael Lang
Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent

Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine Test

Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent Review

Cleaning Power on Silent Paws – Clearaudio's Smart Matrix Silent cleans vinyl records and makes hardly any sound in doing so. While testing, we even…

| Matthias Böde
Krell Vanguard Universal DAC

D/A-Converter Test

Krell Vanguard Universal DAC Review

Universal Genius – At first glance, Krell's Vanguard Universal DAC does not appear as universal as the name might suggest. In getting to know it,…

| Matthias Böde
Burmester B38

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Burmester B38 Review

The Big Brother – Burmester expands its range of products with the floorstanding loudspeaker B38, entering the highly contested 20,000 Euro price…

| Michael Lang
AVM Ovation A 6.2

Integrated Amp Test

AVM Ovation 6.2 ME Review

Master Class – "Back in Business" could be the title of AVM's integrated amplifier Ovation A 6.2, as its traditional place in the portfolio of the…

| Tom Frantzen
Dual CS 800

Turntable Test

Dual CS 800 Review

Dancer in the Storm – For many years now, Dual has been making turntables deep in Germany´s Black Forest, including the brand new CS 800. STEREO payed…

| Michael Lang
DALI Menuet SE

Standmount Speaker Test

DALI Menuet SE Review

A Special One – In the tradition of the models Royal Menuet and Menuet, Danish loudspeaker specialist DALI launched a visually and acoustically…

| Tom Frantzen

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