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Brinkmann Taurus

Turntable Test

Brinkmann Taurus Review

The Brinkmann Taurus turntable has a body that is as beautiful as it is technically advanced. Its musical soul sits however mostly in the power…

Cabasse Pearl Akoya

Active Standmount Speaker Test

Cabasse Pearl Akoya Review

Cabasse follows up its active and smart "Pearl" with the smaller "Pearl Akoya". Maybe the "little sister" is even more attractive...

Primare I25

Integrated Amp Test

Primare I25 Review

The Swedes from Primare really know what they're doing when it comes to consumer electronics – as the I25 proves.

Thorens TD 124

Hi-Fi Classics

Thorens TD 124

There are quite a few legendary names in high fidelity which are capable of sparking joy in the hearts of most audiophiles when mentioned. The record…

HiFiMan Ananda BT

Wireless Headphone Test

HiFiMan Ananda-BT Review

With the new Ananda-BT wireless open back headphones, HiFiMAN wants to appeal to gamers and hi-fi freaks alike.

Fyne Audio F1-10

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Fyne Audio F1-10 Review

After Tannoy's change of ownership, the manufacturer Fyne Audio sees itself in an obligation to continue Scottish tradition – as for example with the…

Lyngdorf TDAI-3400

Integrated Amplifier Test

Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Review

Already in the late 1990s, Peter Lyngdorf was advocating Class D technology with the "Tact" millennium amplifier. 20 years later, with the Lyngdorf…


Active Floorstanding Speaker Test


ATC – never heard of it? Then it's time to change that! Otherwise you might possibly miss the best loudspeaker of your life – as for example the…

Dual CS465

Turntable Test

Dual CS465 Review

With the new Dual CS465, all you have to do is put the record on and flip it over. The fully automatic turntable cares for everything else – without…

Roberts Stream 67

All-in-One System Test

Roberts Stream 67 Review

Roberts Radio's new Stream 67 is easy to use and looks great. But how does the British all-in-one system perform in the STEREO listening room?

Octave V 16 SE and Octave RE 320 (SBB)

Headphone Amp and Bi-Amping Test

Octave V 16 SE and Octave RE 320 (SBB) Review

The combination of Octave's integrated amplifier V16 SE (Single Ended) and the power amplifier Octave RE 320 with its Super Black Box (SBB) has truly…

Monitor Audio Silver 200

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Monitor Audio Silver 200 Review

With the Silver 200, Monitor Audio – after all, one of the biggest names in audiophile England – also wants to score big in other parts of the world.

Burmester Signature Line

Special: Signature Line on Schloss Groß Rietz

Ultimate High End Burmester Presentation

For an appropriate presentation of their ultimate "Signature Line", Burmester invited us to a respectable manor in eastern Germany. Of course we…

Accuphase C-2150 & P-4500

Pre-/Power Amp Combination Test

Accuphase C-2150 and P-4500 Review

Like the gold price, Accuphase only knows one direction of development: upwards. With the new C-2150 and P-4500 pre-amplifier/power amplifier…

Technics SL-G 700

SACD-Player & Streamer Review

Technics SL-G 700 Review

For the first time ever, Technics has built an SACD-compatible player – and the SL-G 700 can also stream, decode MQA and even plays via Chromecast.

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