Canton Smart Vento 3

Active Standmount Speaker Test

Canton Smart Vento 3 Review

Canton activated the Vento series. The Smart Vento 9 is now followed by the compact 3rd generation.

Vento goes Smart

At the Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage it fascinated us so much that it immediately secured a wildcard for this test. Especially since its big sister Smart 9 had already captivated us in another test (ST-Magazine Issue #22). Now the Germans have compressed the entire range of features from the big sister into a much smaller form. In terms of equipment and size the Vento 836 was most likely used as the passive model. For stereo operation as a digitally or analog (Cinch/XLR) controlled active loudspeaker, it does not require a hub, not even for Bluetooth or 5.1 operation, for example directly on a Blu-ray player. If, however, you want entirely wireless operation with up to 7.1.4 (Dolby Atmos, i.e. 3D!), you can purchase a perfectly matching, proper AV preamplifier for 500 euros in form of the Canton Connect. Thanks to the remote control and large displays on the speakers, handling and configuration are rather simple. As a factory setting, the „Master“ is configured to be on the left and the „Slave“ on the right. The loudspeakers correspond with each other and synchronize automatically.

Home Cinema Ambitions

The Smart Vento’s features go far beyond those of the other test candidates, at least in terms of multi-channel use in a home cinema environment. This includes particularly useful treats such as TruSurround, Lip Sync, dynamic limitation or dialogue enhancement. In addition, the Smart Vento can be coupled with both the Smart Vento 9 and the latest addition Soundbox 3 to a multichannel setup. Since the individual speakers can also arranged in groups, it is also possible to, for example, reach all children‘s rooms with a wake-up or “dinner-is-ready”-call. We really like the idea. For their multiroom options, Canton opted for the proven Google Chromecast technology. Of course the software is flexible, so that Airplay will be implemented as well in the future. The variety of features is enormously diverse – as is the sound! Extremely lively and thanks to its 350W engine incredibly powerful, the Vento plays itself into the compact top class. ■



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