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Phonar P4 Match Air Review

Phonar’s P4 Match Air is based – elaborately activated – on the passive model P4 Next.

Why start from scratch if you already have a fantastic passive loudspeaker: the Veritas? Exactly! And that‘s why the P4 Match Air was created as a smart activated concept based on the successful Veritas P4 Next. The series consists of a compact speaker, the M4, and four floorstanding speakers from P4 to P10.

The P4, which is tilted characteristically backwards for acoustic reasons, marks the position of the small two-and-a-half-way bass-reflex floorstander with a height of 93 centimeters. Equipped with high-quality, selected Scandinavian drivers – the legendary 26 ring-radiator as well as two superb 130 peerless bass/midrange drivers – and an amplifier unit with 240 watts of power per channel, it weighs in at a respectable 22 kilograms. Of course, the P4 Match Air can be operated conventionally via cable alone as a great all-rounder. A superb DSP and DAC ensures extensive possibilities for connection and for adapting to the individual placement and room acoustics. Ten corresponding presets can be selected.

Phonar will, however, also supply a „PLATIN Hub“ (unit price 700 Euro; set price 4000 Euro), which will upgrade the P4 for wireless operation according to industry standard WISA (24 Bit/96 Kilohertz) as well as for Bluetooth aptX, Multiroom, HD-Streaming/DLNA, Chromecast, Airplay and for cooperation with Spotify (Connect), Tidal and Qobuz. Volume and source can be selected via the remote control, but more specific options have to be controlled via the respective provider‘s app. The hub is thus a transmitter, streamer and control unit all in one, including analogue and digital inputs, USB and even HDMI (ARC).

Everything is set up in mere minutes, whereby limited knowledge of PC technology and network administration is by no means an obstacle. The short manual for „pairing“ the remote control/hub and for setup/pairing the speakers as well as for Google Home and Wi-Fi is nevertheless helpful. Already the use of Bluetooth convinces as very simple but also great sounding, which is all the more true for HD-streaming from a server. In combination with a TV, the Phonar scores with usability thanks to HDMI (ARC) and massively enhances the sound, without changing the usual controls.


Charming musician

The great base-model seems to have paid off, as the activated P4 from northern Germany, immediately captivated us with great clarity, three-dimensionality, audiophile transparence and downright casual smoothness.  Electronics and loudspeakers match each other excellently.

Although it resolves very finely, the Match Air never gets annoying. Even less perfect recordings are implemented with a touch of empathic grace, for which one is grateful in everyday life.
With a neat and controlled but never oversized bass, it can also be used in smaller rooms. But there‘s also no problem with partying either, which we learned quickly with electronic music from „Yello“.

The Phonar is a speaker developed with care and commitment, which has delivered a lot of pleasure and enjoyment to us, and will continue to do so for any future owner. Strong recommendation! ■

Remote control

The Hub’s remote control is easy to use and makes operation much easier.


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