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The team behind Fluo: Keith Martin, Kurt Olbert, Ole Lund Christensen

One brand made up of three experts

Fluo – A New Name In The Hi-Fi World

At the most recent High End Audio Show in Munich, an exciting – at least to hi-fi scene experts – new brand was created, under the name "Fluo".

Headphone amplifier in sculpture shape with watch: Metaxas & Sins Ethereal

Optional with built-in mechanical clock

Extravagant High End Headphone Amp: Metaxas & Sins Ethereal

Aiming to connect exclusive hi-fi with special designs, Metaxas & Sins presents the the extraordinary, sculptural headphone amplifier Ethereal.

The new speakers Wharfedale Elysian 3

3-way speakers with AMT tweeter and two woofers

Wharfedale Flagship Series Grows: New Floorstanding Speaker Elysian 3

As a smaller version of the flagship floorstanding speakers Elysian 4, the new Elysian 3 join the Wharfedale product range.

Ultimate Wilson & D'Agostino Stereo


STEREO visits Wilson Audio and Dan D᾽Agostino

High-End Mega-Trip – What an experience! In the Audio Reference showroom in Hamburg, Germany, we went on a trip to the limits of the high-end universe…

| Matthias Böde
The new streamer YBA Genesis S2

Controls via touchscreen and app

Streamer and DAC YBA Genesis

The new S2 streamer and D/A converter joins the Genesis series from YBA and is designed to bring the manufacturer's sound quality to the digital…

Network players become preamps

Software update activates "Variable Out"

Cambridge Audio Streamers Can Now Also Work As Preamplifiers

With the latest update to version V2.12.0, the MXN10 and AXN10 network streamers from Cambridge get a variable, app-controllable output and can thus…

The H600 comes as the successor to the H590 and weighs around 22kg.

In double mono construction

Hegel Shows The New Top Streaming Amplifier 600

A change in the highest level of Hegel integrated amplifiers: Following the H590, the H600 is now the biggest Hegel Amp.

The new Pro-Ject Automat A2

Sub-Chassis Record Player

Pro-Ject Presents Bigger Automatic Turntable "A2"

The new Pro-Ject Automat A2 is a larger version of the A1, and is said to offer all the benefits of a fully automatic turntables as well as excellent…

The three new "Anthra" subwoofers from Monitor Audio

Three models starting at €2150

Monitor Audio Anthra: New Subwoofer Series

Monitor Audio promises simple operation, versatility, high dynamics and more in the newly introduced "Anthra" active subwoofer series.

The new mains filter V5 Sigmas from IsoTek

Including EVO3 Premier mains cable

IsoTek presents new mains filter "V5 Sigmas"

The latest product in IsoTek's "V5" line is the V5 Sigmas mains filter, which aims to provide clean power to all components of a hi-fi system and…

The new Wharfedale Aura series with six speakers and two stands

New Line consisting of six models

New Speaker Series From Wharfedale: "Aura"

The "Aura" speaker line from Wharfedale is designed to combine high-quality workmanship and innovative technology with affordable prices.

The Audio Research pre- and power amp combo Reference 6SE and 160M

New CEO Valerio Cora

Audio Research with new owner

After reports of financial problems, US hi-fi manufacturer Audio Research seems to be saved, and now has a new owner.

The new Sasha V retains its characteristic shape with attached head for the midrange and tweeter.

Sasha now also entering "V" series from Wilson

Wilson Audio presenting new Sasha V

Numerous detail improvements compared to the Sasha DAW are supposed to lift the new Sasha V by Wilson Audio to a new level.

The new S-Sub from Magico

With DSP software for individual adjustments

Magico S-Sub: New High End Subwoofer

American speaker manufacturer Magico shows a new version of the subwoofer S-Sub, which is said to bring extensive improvements.

The "Edition 2023" of the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital

DAC accepts up to 32bit/768kHz, DSD512 and MQA

Pro-Ject with improved "Edition 2023" of the Pre Box S2 Digital

Various new features are designed to improve the performance of Pro-Ject's super-small DAC, headphone amp and preamplifier.

The new network player / transport HiFi Rose RS130

With SSD for audio signal buffering

New HiFi Rose RS130: High End Streaming Bridge

HiFi Rose introduces the new RS130 digital network player, which offers many outputs, the Rose-typical large screen and other features.

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