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The new Audiolab 9000A and 9000CDT

Integrated Amp Including DAC

9000A and 9000CDT: New Amp and CD Flagships from Audiolab

Audiolab presents its new reference series: The 9000A integrated amplifier and the 9000CDT CD transport aim to impress with new technology and a large…

The new powered speakers ConneX DCB41 by ELAC in blue

In the finishes black, walnut, orange and blue

New from ELAC: Powered Shelf Speakers ConneX DCB41

As an active speaker system, ELAC presents the new ConneX DCB41 loudspeakers, which, among other things, aim to convince with a multitude of…

Cayin HA 3A

With flexible customization features

Cayin Presents All-Purpose Tube Headphone Amplifier

The new hedphone amp Cayin HA-3A is equipped with three impedance-adjustable connectors for a wide variety of headphones.

The new MC 400 from Magnat

Including Bluetooth, CD and 24-Bit/192-kHz DAC

New All-In-One Device MC 400 from Magnat

Being a network CD receiver, Magnat's new MC 400 is said to be able to work with just about any music source, as well as provide streaming, radio and…

Bluesound Pulse M

With multi-room and 360° audio

New Bluesound Streaming Speakers "Pulse M"

Bluesound, the manufacturer known for its affordable digital devices, is launching a new streaming/multi-room speaker – the Pulse M.

Violectric HPA-V202 Frontal View

"Made in Germany"

Violectric Launches Two New Headphone Amplifiers

German manufacturer Violectric introduces new balanced and new unbalanced headphone amplifiers: the HPA V202 and the HPA V222.

The Ayon Spirit V is available equipped with tubes of the type KT150 or KT170.

The Scorpio also gets an update

Tube Integrated Amp Ayon Spirit Enters Fifth Generation

The newest update is supposed to make the famous integrated amplifier "Spirit" from the Austrian tube specialist Ayon even better.

NAD C-3050 Frontal View

Limited integrated amp celebrating the 50th birthday of NAD

NAD C-3050 LE: New Version of an Amplifier Legend

On the occasion of the company's 50th anniversary, NAD launches the C-3050, an integrated amplifier limited to 1972 units worldwide, with a retro look…

New Update for Audirvana Studio and Audirvana Origin

Update for Player Software

Audirvana now with Chromecast

In its new version 2.0, Audirvana can also stream to Chromecast-enabled devices. In addition, the audio analyzer is said to have been further…

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Ohm AE 2000 Review

The Legacy of Mr. Walsh – Almost 50 years after the debut of the famous Ohm F omnidirectional speaker, a modern successor finds its way into our…

The new anti-noise-plugs Sparkz TC3 by Ansuz

With Tesla Coils and Dither Technology

New Power "Harmonizer" Sparkz TC3 from Ansuz

The new power conditioning accessory "Sparkz TC3" from Ansuz Acoustics is designed to reduce noise in the power supply chain thanks to various…

Melco N50-H60

With Six Terabytes of HDD Storage

New Music Server from Japan: Melco N50-H60

With the new N50-H60, Melco fills the gap between the N100 and N10 models by adding another device to its range of music servers with streaming…

Enjoy The Exhibitor / Press Party at the Toronto Audiofest 2022

Audio Show in Canada with Extra Event

Toronto Audiofest Featuring Enjoy The Exhibitor/Press Party

Between October 21st and 23rd, the Westin Airport Hotel will host the Toronto Audiofest presenting numerous hi-fi brands and products, with Enjoy the…

The new MU7 by KEF in silver grey

Available in "Silver Grey" and "Charcoal Grey"

KEF Presents New Wireless ANC Over-Ear Headphones MU7

Aiming to combine elegant design, high-quality sound, wearing comfort and simple operation, KEF introduces the new MU7 wireless headphones.

The floorstanding speakers "Magellan Quatuor 40th" from Triangle

With Audioquest Internal Wiring and New Tweeter

Magellan 40th Anniversary Speakers by Triangle

Triangle's Magellan Anniversary Series is now available, consisting of two floorstanding speakers, one standmount model as well as a center speaker.

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Full Metal Jacket – Aluminum forms the backbone of the Zavfino Copperhead-X. The sound, meanwhile, is supposed to be perfected by the 28 copper… Read more

Thiele TT01/TA01

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Under His Own Name – For almost three decades, Helmut Thiele developed in the background and for others. Now, with the sophisticated TT01 record… Read more

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Canton Vento 100

Canton Vento 100 Review

Canton Turbo – The new Vento costs just under 5,000 euros per pair, but delivers a performance with the confidence of twice the price. A whole new… Read more

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