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Physical music revenues in the U.S. 2020-2022, showing the growth of vinyl.

For the first time since 1987

RIAA Report 2022: More Vinyl LPs than CDs sold in the U.S.

Since 2020, the U.S. music industry has made more revenue with vinyl records than with CDs. In 2022, vinyl also surpassed CD in terms of units sold.

BFly Pure small

Smaller versions of the PURE absorbers

bFly Shows New Absorbers For Small Devices

Compact HiFi devices, such as all-in-ones or mini-streamers, are popular. bFly-audio now wants to support this by launching a smaller version of the…

The Roberts Stylus Luxe comes with a metal front and direct drive.

Two low-priced models for the vinyl range

Roberts Radio Unveils Two New Affordable Turntables

The new turntable Roberts Style has a belt drive, the more expensive "Luxe" version features a direct drive in comparison.

The new DAC Uno from iFi

For mobile and stationary use

Two New Minature DACs from iFi: Uno and GO Link

iFi introduces two new DACs with integrated headphone amplifier, which aim to convince with their low price and Hi-Res music playback.

New speakers Børresen X3

Inspired by "M1" membranes

Børresen Shows New Floorstanding Speakers X3

As an entry into Børresen speakers, the Danish manufacturer introduces the new floorstanding loudspeaker X3, which is supposed to offer technologies…

Al Di Meola and his guitar posing for the High End Munich.

Guitar legend becomes brand ambassador of trade show

Al Di Meola Becomes Face of High End Audio Show 2023

Famous guitar player Al Di Meola steps into the spotlight as the 2023 brand ambassador for the world's leading hi-fi trade show, the High End Munich.

Marantz AV 10

AV 10 and AMP 10

Marantz with new AV Flagships

The new Marantz cinema flagships AV 10 and AMP 10 are said to impress with outstanding performance, customizable features as well as aesthetic design.

The new Copland CTA407

With automatic tube bias and diagnostic system

New Tube Integrated Amplifier CTA407 from Copland

Copland introduces the new CTA407 tube amplifier as an evolution of the CTA405 that is said to offer good practicability and high sound quality, among…

Pro-Ject VC-S3

With magnetic clamp

New Pro-Ject Record Cleaning Machines VC-E2 and VC-S3

Pro-ject has updated its two "VC" record cleaning machines and introduces new versions with a magnetic record clamp.

Canton Karat GS Edition

Floorstanding Speaker Test

Canton Karat GS Edition Review

According to Tradition – Canton celebrates its 50th birthday. The company‘s founder Günther Seitz did not miss the opportunity to modernize one of his…

The ZenMini MK3 from Innuos with the optional LPSU

Now also with MQA Support

Software Update for Streamers and Music Servers from Innuos

Innuos launches a new version of the operating system for their music servers and streamers, which is mainly focused on the interaction of the devices…

The Rekkord RCM is a manual record cleaning machine coming at a price of around €700.

Dry after just two revolutions

New Record Cleaning Machine from Rekkord Audio

The platter of the new, relatively affordable record cleaning machine "RCM" by Rekkord Audio can spin at two speeds.

Sennheiser HD 660S2

Best-selling headphones with new tuning

Headphone Specialist Sennheiser Shows New HD 660S2

Sennheiser expands its 600 series of headphones with the new HD 660S2. The new model is supposed to deliver higher resolution as well as more bass…

The new Bartók APEX from dCS in the version including headphone output

Bartók APEX also as an upgrade for old Bartók

dCS Introduces Upgrade for Streamer-DAC Bartók

The British manufacturer dCS presents the new Bartók APEX as an improved version of the Bartók: high-end streamer, DAC, upsampler and preamplifier.

Klipsch The Nines

With HDMI and phono MM

"The Sevens" and "The Nines": New Powered Speakers by Klipsch

With the powered speakers "The Sevens" and "The Nines", Klipsch is adding two new models to the Heritage wireless speaker series. Just like their…

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Aavik I-180

Aavik I-180 Review

You call this Entry-Level? – With the integrated amplifier from the entry-level 180 series, Aavik took a radical turn: leaving behind heavy castles of… Read more

SST Ambrosia/Ampzilla 2000

SST Ambrosia/Ampzilla 2000 Review

Bongiorno‘s Legacy – James Bongiorno, the inventor behind such legends as Ampzilla, GAS Thaedra, SUMO The Power or SAE XXX1B, left behind more for the… Read more

Vincent KHV-200

Vincent KHV-200 Review

Head & Soul – A first-class list of equipment combined with a clever technological concept in so-called hybrid design, i.e. the combination of tubes… Read more


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"Sound Education Sessions" – Participants

STEREO Sound Education Sessions in America

Favorite Subject: Sound Studies – What seemed to be a crazy idea at first turned out to be a didactic hi-fi-hit at an American high school. STEREO… Read more

To Bi Or Not To Bi

Everything You Need to Know About Bi-Amping

To Bi Or Not To Bi – Bi-amping is considered one of the "ultimate aspects" of sophisticated high fidelity. In this essay, you'll read what it is… Read more

Audiophile Tour through New York with David Chesky

An Audiophile Tour Through New York City

Let‘s go on a trip! – Hardly anyone knows New York‘s "sound hot spots" better than David Chesky. The label boss and sound guru, known for his… Read more

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Zavfino Copperhead-X

Zavfino Copperhead-X Review

Full Metal Jacket – Aluminum forms the backbone of the Zavfino Copperhead-X. The sound, meanwhile, is supposed to be perfected by the 28 copper… Read more

Thiele TT01/TA01

Thiele TT01/TA01 Review

Under His Own Name – For almost three decades, Helmut Thiele developed in the background and for others. Now, with the sophisticated TT01 record… Read more

Zavfino ZV8-X

Zavfino ZV8-X Review

Form follows Function – With Zavfino, a new player entered the German analog market. The Canadian company has actually been around since 2005, and its… Read more

Latest Speaker Reviews

Canton Karat GS Edition

Canton Karat GS Edition Review

According to Tradition – Canton celebrates its 50th birthday. The company‘s founder Günther Seitz did not miss the opportunity to modernize one of his… Read more

Floorstanding Speaker Piega Coax 811

Piega Coax 811 Review

Close To Legendary – At the 2022 High End audio show in Munich, Piega shone with the new Coax series. Roger Kessler, head of development, likes to… Read more



Danish loudspeaker giant DALI had promised a state-of-the-art loudspeaker at the press event in Munich‘s MOC. After the presentation of the DALI Kore,… Read more

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