• iFi Zen DAC for 150 Euros

    D/A-Converter Test

    iFi Zen DAC Review

    At a radical budget price, iFi delivers its "Zen DAC", which is both incredibly versatile and clever. It certainly made us meditate on questions of…

  • Technics SU-R1000

    Featuring New Technologies

    Technics SU-R1000: Reference-Class Digital Integrated Amp

    Technics unveils the SU-R1000, the first integrated amplifier in the company´s reference class, which is also fully digital and contains several…

  • JBL L82 Classic

    Vintage Monitors from the US

    New Standmounts from JBL: L82 Classic

    Based on the JBL L100 Classic introduced in 2018, Harman Luxury Audio launches the second model in the classic series: the standmount speaker JBL L82…

  • Essay

    Beethoven: a Global Phenomenon

    Be Embraced, You Millions! – Ludwig van Beethoven is not only the world's most frequently performed composer, in 2020 he will also be reflected in the…

  • Vimberg Amea

    Standmount Speaker Test

    Vimberg Amea Review

    Want perfection at a more affordable price but without making any compromises? The Vimberg Amea offers just that.

Top-Articles from the archive

Future Owner: TWS Enterprises

McIntosh sells Audio Research

The private company TWS Enterprises, owned by the former Audio Research Sales Manager Trent Suggs, has agreed to buy the traditional company from the…

PE 2020jubilee

Retro Special Edition

Perpetuum Ebner launches PE 2020jubilee

The new PE 2020jubilee is intended to visually bring to mind the former top model PE 2020 and is limited to 20 pieces.


Balanced Headphone Amp

iFi presents purely analog ZEN CAN

iFi Audio extends the ZEN product range with the ZEN CAN – a purely analog headphone amplifier in a compact aluminum casing.

Roon Sleep Timer

Software Version 1.7.7 (Build 610)

Roon Adds Sleep Timer

The latest Roon version 1.7.7 introduced the long awaited sleep timer feature and a number of bug fixes.

Marantz PM6007 and CD6007

Reinforcements for the 500 Euro class

Integrated Amp and CD-Player Marantz PM6007 & CD6007

The new Marantz PM6007 integrated amplifier and CD6007 CD player aim to bring more power and additional connectivity to the entry-level class.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO

Optimized Classic

New Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO Turntable

Pro-Ject's Debut Carbon EVO comes with new colors and finishes and further perfected detail solutions.

Rotel Michi X5

So far only separate Pre- and Power Amps

Rotel to Launch Michi Integrateds X5 and X3

Rotel expands the portfolio of the Michi series, which up to now consisted of the P5, S5 and M8 preamplifiers and power amplifiers, to include the…

Vertere Techno Mat

Turntable Mat with Strobe

Vertere "Techno Mat"

Vertere's new "Techno Mat" is meant to improve the playback quality of most turntables.

YouTube Music Takes Over in Dezember

Google Play Music: The End is Near

Google is drastically reducing the Google Play Music offer in the coming months to then completely replace it with the YouTube Music platform in…

Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine

Quiet and Sustainable for the 50th Anniversary

Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine

The new "Prodigy" record cleaning machine from Keith Monks is available after five months of beta testing and fine-tuning of production has been…

Marantz PM-12SE and SA-12SE

Integrated Amplifier and SACD Player

Special Edition of Marantz PM-12 and SA-12

Marantz launches a new special edition of the PM-12 integrated amplifier and SA-12 SACD player.

Linn Majik DSM

Classic with new "look and feel"

Linn's new Majik DSM

Linn has redesigned its best-selling product of the last ten years – the Majik DSM streaming amplifier – visually, technically and featurewise.

JBL HDI speaker series

From Center to Floorstander

New JBL HDI Speaker Series

The new JBL HDI series is composed of two floorstanding loudspeakers, a standmount loudspeaker, a center and a subwoofer.

Dual CS 600 mkII

Redesigned Aluminum Platter

New Top-of-the-Range: Dual CS 600 MKII

Dual's flagship model CS 600 has received an upgrade and was relaunched as the new MKII version.

AudioSolutions Overture mk3

New cabinets, drivers and crossovers

AudioSolutions Overture the third

The Lithuanian manufacturer AudioSolutions launches the third generation of its entry-level Overture loudspeaker series. The cabinet, drivers and…

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