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iFi's new iCan Phantom

Headphone amps and headphones

iCan Phantom: Headphone Amplifier from iFi

iFi Audio used the High End audio show to present some news for headphone fans.

DALI IO-12 & Bluesound Node X

Headphones and streamer

DALI IO-12 and Bluesound Node X

At the DALI booth on the High End audio show, you were able to listen to the latest headphones from DALI, driven by the strictly limited Bluesound…

Naim's new Classic 300 on big Focal speakers

Also first presentation of Focal Vestria

New Classic Series and limited Retro Amplifier from Naim

British electronics manufacturer Naim presents the new series "Classic 200" and "Classic 300" as well as the special edition NAIT 50 at the High End.

Thorens New Reference

German super-turntable

Thorens "New Reference" and Anniversary Edition of TD 124

One of the ultimate highlights of the High End audio show was the Thorens "New Reference" record player.

GoldenEar T66

€7000 per pair

GoldenEar T66: New Speakers with Powered Bass

Richard Drews of Audioquest presents the new GoldenEar T66 floorstanding speaker with powered bass section.

Integrated amp Burmester 232

Optional phono and DAC

New Burmester "232" Integrated Amplifier

Burmester introduced the new 232 integrated amplifier at the High End audio show.

The new Acoustic Signature Verona Neo

Two motors and different tonearms

High End 2023: Acoustic Signature presents Verona Neo

Acoustic Signature introduces the Verona Neo – a turntable coming in classic retro square design.

The new turntable from MoFi

Turntable designed by Alan Perkins

New Phono Devices from MoFi

American company Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab presented a new phono preamp as well as a new turntable at the Munich audio show.

Dan D’Agostino "Momentum Integrated"

High end integrated amplifier with voice control

Dan D’Agostino "Momentum Integrated"

Dan D'Agostino brought a truly extreme amplifier to the High End Audio Show.

German distributor Jürgen Reichmann and Musical Fidelity owner Heinz Lichtenegger present the two new devices

Affordable amplifier and standmount speakers

Musical Fidelity Shows New Version of Amplifier A1 and LS3/5A

In the same design as the original model, Musical Fidelity introduces a new edition of the integrated amplifier A1 on the High End 2023.

YG Acoustics speakers from the Reference 3 series

With new, elaborate crossovers

YG Acoustics with Generation 3 of the Reference Line and "Live" Active Speakers

Various changes in the massive crossover as well as tweeter improvements, among others things, are said to impress in the new YG Acoustics speakers.

The new Canton Reference

Successor to the K series

Canton Renews the Reference Line

German loudspeaker manufacturer Canton presents the successors of the K series.

DALI Epikore 11

40th anniversary of the company

DALI Presents the Epikore 11

DALI introduces the new Epikore 11 loudspeakers at the High End audio show, placed between the flagship Kore and the Epicon series.

Auralic Vega G3

Made in the US

New G3 Series from Auralic

The CEO of Auralic came to the High End Munich to present the new G3 devices.

Keith Monks and the "Prodigy Monarch"

Record washing machine in various finishes

Keith Monks Prodigy Monarch

"We get faster and quieter every year", says Jonathan Monks, who is presenting a revised version of his tried-and-tested record cleaning machine at…

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