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Enjoy The Happy Hour at the Florida Audio Expo

Extra Event for Audio Show

Florida Audio Expo featuring Enjoy the Happy Hour

From February 18 to 20, 2022, the Florida Audio Expo will take place in Tampa, Florida. As a Bonus, Enjoy the will be sponsoring and hosting…

The new JBL 4305P

JBL 4305P & SUB80P

"Studio Monitor" and Subwoofer by JBL

On the occasion of the Consumer Electronics Show CES, Harman Luxury Audio presented new products for the brand JBL: an active bookshelf speaker as…

New Bluetooth Turntable Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2

Successor for Alva TT and cheaper Belt-Drive-Model

New Bluetooth Turntables Alva TT V2 and Alva ST from Cambridge

Cambridge Audio presents the Alva TT V2, the successor to the popular Alva TT turntable, and additionally expands its analog range with a smaller…

Skyanalog P1

Phono Cartridge Test

Skyanalog P-1 Review

A Touch of High End – The supposed newcomer Skyanalog landed a surprise hit with its first MC pickup G-1. Yet, we are even more amazed about the new…

Preamplifier Hyperion P1 from Canor

New tube combo from Slovakia

Canor Hyperion P1 and Virtus M1

The manufacturer Canor, focused on tube technology, presents a new preamplifier together with a mono power amplifier.

Spark with angled baffle for the correct timing of sound radiation

Three Way Standmount Speaker

New Version of Audio Physic Spark

At the beginning of the new year, the speaker specialist from Germany presents a standmount speaker with the "PowerTrain Technology" for the first…

Streaming DAC Lumin P1

Network Player, USB-DAC and Preamp

All-Rounder from Lumin: The New P1

The streaming specialist from Hong Kong expands its network player range by adding a streaming DAC that offers heaps of digital and analog in- and…

Velodyne Acoustics Impact X

Two new Models: 10 and 12 Inch

Velodyne Introduces new "Impact X" Subwoofers

Velodyne Acoustics launches the new subwoofer series Impact X, which includes a ten-inch and a twelve-inch model with newly developed high excursion…

Cayin RU-6

With Elaborate R-2R Ladder Network

Audiophile Mobile USB-DAC by Cayin

The new RU6 From Cayin is compact, suited for mobile use, and combines an R-2R USB DAC with a headphone amplifier.

The Pearl Keshi by Cabasse

Smart and Active Streaming

Miniature 2.1 System The Pearl Keshi from Cabasse

Cabasse is introducing the new ultra-compact subwoofer/satellite system Pearl Keshi, whose speakers have a diameter of only eight centimeters.

Ready for all formats and connections: xDSD Gryphon from iFi Audio

With USB-C and OLED Display

Battery-DAC xDSD Gryphon by iFi Audio

The portable DAC supports pretty much every resolution as well as format, including MQA.

Qobuz Duo

Starting at €17.50 per Month

Qobuz Duo: Streaming Subscription for Two

Qobuz is launching a new subscription model called "Qobuz Duo", which allows two people with separate accounts to use one subscription together.

McIntosh MC3500 MKI

McIntosh MC3500 Mk II & C12000

New Pre- and Power Amps from McIntosh

Towards the end of the year, McIntosh is introducing two new flagship products: the MC3500 Mk II tube power amplifier – modeled after the MC3500s used…

Aavik D-180 D/A-Converter

D/A-Converter Test

Aavik D-180 Review

DAC with a "Human Touch" – The Danish company Aavik is rather young, but their new D/A converter from the entry-level series "180" still introduces a…

Nagra Reference Anniversary

The new Reference Anniversary!

Nagra Celebrates 70th birthday with Limited Mega-Turntable

The new Reference Anniversary turntable by Nagra is the result of an extensive research and development project that lasted years and was kept secret…

Latest Amplifier Reviews

Vincent KHV-200

Vincent KHV-200 Review

Head & Soul – A first-class list of equipment combined with a clever technological concept in so-called hybrid design, i.e. the combination of tubes… Read more

Aavik R-180

Aavik R-180 Review

Born to Invent – It seems as if Michael Borresen was born with a special passion for tinkering and inventing. With his smallest phono preamplifier… Read more

Octave V 70 Class A

Octave V 70 Class A Review

The new Class A – In the field of tube amplifiers, innovations are rather rare. This makes the creativity of new concepts coming from Octave all the… Read more


Latest Speaker Reviews

M&K S150 25th Anniversary Limited Edition

M&K S150 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Review

A Cinematic Experience – True cinema and home theater fans of course know M&K. No one else though, probably. A real oversight in our opinion. "Miller… Read more

Velodyne MicroVee X

Velodyne MicroVee X Review

Little Thunder – If you hear it without seeing it, you‘ll certainly be impressed. The other way round, you‘d hardly have taken it seriously. The… Read more

Canton GLE 90

Canton GLE 90 Review

True to their Heritage – A good deal of Vento technology propels the new Canton GLE forward again compared to its predecessor. Costs were mainly cut… Read more

Latest Analog Reviews

Skyanalog P1

Skyanalog P-1 Review

A Touch of High End – The supposed newcomer Skyanalog landed a surprise hit with its first MC pickup G-1. Yet, we are even more amazed about the new… Read more

Dual CS 518

Dual CS 518 Review

Well Rounded – Down-to-earth pricing and skillful workmanship: not the worst prerequisites for attracting attention in the hotly contested turntable… Read more

Canor PH 2.10

Canor PH 2.10 Review

Prince Charming – Amplifying the tiny signals from phono cartridges using tubes and transformers is quite a bit trickier than using more modern… Read more

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