Latest Amplifier Reviews

Octave V 70 Class A

Octave V 70 Class A Review

The new Class A – In the field of tube amplifiers, innovations are rather rare. This makes the creativity of new concepts coming from Octave all the… Read more

Lyngdorf TDAI-1120

Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 Review

Small Amp for Big Tasks – The TDAI-1120 is Lyngdorf‘s smallest integrated amplifier with room correction and streaming. Did they save money at the… Read more

Mal Valve Headamp 3 MK IV

Mal Valve Headamp 3 MK IV Review

Peak Performance – five and a half years after we crowned the Mal Valve Head Amp 3 our reference headphone amp, it dethrones itself with the MK IV… Read more


Latest Analog Reviews

Skyanalog G-1

Skyanalog G-1 Review

On their Own – The Chinese company Skyanalog has been making MC pickups for other brands for some time. The new „G“ series now carries their own name.… Read more

Acoustic Signature Maximus Neo

Acoustic Signature Maximus Neo Review

Little Rock – The Maximus Neo from Acoustic Signature comes along looking heavy, massive and solid – just like a hard little rock. To us at STEREO,… Read more

Nagra Classic Phono

Nagra Classic Phono Review

The Authority – The name Nagra not only stands for tradition, but also has to be associated with a high level of precision, workmanship as well as… Read more

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