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New MASTER COLLECTION POWERa from Karan Acoustics

Including Built-In Mains Conditioner

Karan Acoustics Announces "Master Collection" Power Amps

To accompany the "LINE" Preamps from the "MASTER COLLECTION", Karan Acoustics from Serbia has created the "POWERa" mono and stereo power amplifiers.

The new CS-805A from Cayin in Black

With 2x 50 Watts of Power

Cayin Introduces new Tube Amplifier CS-805A

Cayin's new single-ended Class A integrated amplifier uses two 805A tubes in the output stage, as well as other tubes.

Various Speakers from the new QX MKII series by Mission

Including Center and Sub

Mission Upgrades QX-Series to "MKII"

In Mission's new QX MKII series, many details are said to have been improved, including updated drivers and crossovers.

A Comparison of the new Tidal Subscription Plans

New Subscription Plans

Tidal Adds Fan-Based Royalties

The lossless subscription from music streaming service Tidal now only costs 10 euros per month – but without MQA. For 20 euros per month, you get…

Qobuz now also on Samsung TV

In 197 Countries All Over the World

Qobuz-App now also Available on Samsung Smart TV

The app of the French streaming service Qobuz was recently also made available on Samsung Smart TVs.

The new Darkz Z2S from Ansuz

Darkz S2T and Signature Z2S

New "Darkz" Decoupling Feet from Ansuz

Ansuz Acoustics is introducing two new "Resonance Control" dampers from their "Darkz" series – including the new flagship Signature Z2S.

New Canton Vento Series

Modified Shape and new Drivers

Canton Updates the Vento Series

The revised Vento series from Canton has been further developed in terms of visuals and technology, now presenting itself with a sharper-edged design,…

The new Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina in black and white

Limited to 70 Pairs

Exclusive Active Speakers from Cabasse: The Pearl Pelegrina

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, French manufacturer Cabasse unveils the new flagship from its line of smart and active "pearl" speakers: the…

The new Vertere SG-PTA Tonearm


Two special Vertere Tonearms

Vertere's two new "Super Groove Precision Tonearms" are said to offer high-quality materials as well as a unique bearing design, among other features.

The new Linn Klimax LP12

Two New Components

New Version of the Linn Klimax LP12

As the latest update of the LP12 turtable, Linn unveils the new Klimax LP12, which is mainly characterized by incorporating the new "Radikal" – which…

The new DAC-Amplifier U-580 from Aavik

U-180, U-280 and U-580

Three new "U" DAC-Amplifiers from Aavik

To expand their product lines 180, 280 and 580, Aavik introduces one integrated amplifier with built-in digital/analog converter per series, all under…

Ortofon MC Verismo

New Member of the "Exclusives" Series

New High-End Cartridge Ortofon MC Verismo

By launching the new 6500-euro-high-end MC pickup Verismo, Ortofon further expands its "Exclusives" series.

Wharfedale Elysian 1 and Center on their optional stands

Center and Standmount Speaker

Wharfedale Expands Elysian Series

A compact two-way bass reflex speaker and a three-way center speaker join the ranks of the top series from British manufacturer Wharfedale.

Enjoy The Happy Hour at the Capital Audiofest

Audio Show & Extra Event

Capital Audiofest with Enjoy The Happy Hour

The Capital Audiofest in Rockville, Maryland will take place on November 5th-7th, with Enjoy The sponsoring the event's "Happy Hour" on the…

WTX-StreamTubes from Advance Paris

Tube Streamer for €400

WTX-StreamTubes from Advance Paris

Based on the small network player WTX-StreamPro, the French manufacturer Advance Paris has constructed a streamer that includes a tube output stage.

Yamaha CD-S 303

Now with AAC, FLAC and WAV

Yamaha's new CD Player CD-S 303

The player can now also play lossless formats up to 96 kHz / 24 bit via the USB-A port on the front of the device.

Audionet CD Player/DAC Planck 2

Planck 2 and ART G5

Audionet Updates CD Players

The high-end specialist from Berlin, Germany has given its two CD players new drives and further optimized the electronics. Both devices can also be…

The new Heeskof Rosie MK II

Improved internal electronics and new bass reflex design

Bookshelf Speakers Rosie MK II from Heeskof Audio

The family-owned Czech speaker manufacturer Heeskof Audio updated its "Rosie" speakers to the MK II version, which includes many components from…

The new "Townus" Series from Canton

Replacement for Chrono and Chronos

Cantons new "Townus" Series

Canton is getting hipper – at least as far as the naming of their speakers is concerned: "Townus" is supposed to combine urban lifestyle with the…

Q Acoustics Concept 50 and 90 as Home Theater System

New Models, New Technologies

Q Acoustics Expands the Concept Series

The new models feature newly developed woofers and tweeters with higher power handling and improved decoupling against vibrations.

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