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Rega Aethos front

All new high level amp

Rega Aethos Integrated Amplifier

Rega's new integrated amplifier Aethos features a newly developed cabinet with visible heat sinks on the sides, and also sports numerous innovations… Read more


New Investor

Change of ownership at Focal-Naim

The French speaker specialist Focal and the British streaming pioneer Naim, who merged to form the "Vervent Audio Group" in 2014, are facing a change… Read more

Blicher Hemmer Gadd "Get that Motor Runnin'"


Brinkmann-LP, the second

After the success of the debut LP, Brinkmann Audio brings a second: "Get That Motor Runnin'" with the jazz trio Blicher, Hemmer and Gadd appears on… Read more

Headphone Special Offer

Christmas-Bundles from Focal & Naim

Headphones are popular Christmas gifts – and if you decide until November 30th, you can benefit from attractive offers at Focal. Read more

UK Hi-Fi Show 2019

Spectacular Presentation

„UK Hi-Fi Show“ 2019 Ascot

For the first time, the UK HiFi Show took place in Ascot. Previously, the show was held at the Hotel Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor but this year it… Read more

B&O Beoplay H4

Beoplay H4

B&O H4 Headphones now with Google Assistant

It's still called H4 but Bang & Olufsen has redesigned the circumaural Bluetooth headphones and added new features. Read more

Surround for music

Tidal integrates 360 Reality Audio

Anyone who is subscribed to Tidal HiFi and has recently opened the settings menu in the latest version of the smartphone app might have already… Read more

Discount for older Sonos products

Trade Up: Recycling à la Sonos

More than a decade ago, the first Sonos products came onto the market so it's time to switch to a new generation says Sonos – and offers a "Trade Up"… Read more

The Pearl Akoya

Smaller „Pearl“ from Cabasse

After "The Pearl", the French specialist for coax-loudspeakers is now launching a more compact version of the all-in-one speaker. Read more

New in-ear-flagship

AirPod Pro – with noise cancelling

When Apple launched the first wireless "AirPod" in-ears three years ago, they quickly became the world's best-selling headphones of all classes. Now… Read more

„Immersive“ Sound

Deezer-App for „360 Reality Audio“

Now it's getting serious: the music streaming service Deezer now offers a special app for iOS and Android that can access and decode the new… Read more

Concert Grand series

Beethoven – revamped

Vienna Acoustics has udated the top models of its "Concert Grand" series: the "Beethoven" models are now available as "Reference" editions in the… Read more

Silent Angel Bonn N8

Audiophile network switch

The network industry has turned a blind eye to high-end audio. Now, some manufacturers are discovering the possibilities of this segment and start… Read more

Eternal Arts DP MkII DAC

CD-Player with USB-DAC

Eternal Arts has equipped its DP MkII DAC CD player with a DAC function so that external digital sources can also enjoy the tube output stage. Read more

Cyrus One Cast

Integrated Amp – all inclusive

What do you call such a device? An integrated amplifier with DAC and streamer? Or a streamer-DAC with built-in power amplifiers? In any case, the… Read more

Version 3.5 for Windows

Update: Audirvana for Windows

The audiophile player software Audirvana has now been retrofitted with the so far missing features in the version for windows: Version 3.5 of… Read more

Linn Series 3

All-in-One-Box from Scotland

The purists from Linn in Glasgow bring a WiFi-speaker with a rather exclusive price tag. Read more

Wharfedale Evo4

Affordable series with AMT-tweeter

The British loudspeaker brand Wharfedale presents a newly designed loudspeaker series with a specially developed Air Motion Transformer in the… Read more

Keces Sphono

Phono-Preamp with 4 inputs

From Keces comes a rather special phono preamplifier: 2 MM and 2 MC pickups can be connected simultaneously. Read more

360 Reality Audio

Surround reloaded

After quadrophony in the 1970s and the various surround sound systems in the 1990s and 1990s, Sony now comes with "360 Reality Audio". Read more

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