• WBT Nextgen PlasmaProtect

    Physical Vapour Deposition

    WBT Plasma Protect

    The contact specialist WBT from Essen, Germany has recently started coating its high-end plugs and sockets with gold atoms using a plasma current. A… Read more

Clearaudio Balance V2 (Image: STEREO)
Clearaudio Balance V2 Review

Phono-pre, preamplifier and headphone amp: Clearaudio‘s new Balance V2 combines three devices in one. How does it perform? We‘ve tested all the…

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B&W Formation Duo
B&W Formation Duo Review

With the Formation series, B&W presents a complete wireless multiroom system. Was the long wait worth it? We have examined the current top model „Duo“…

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Bluesound Vault 2i Review

Anyone who is afraid of the pitfalls of analog technology has probably never attempted to install a streamer ready to play. What can sometimes give…

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T+A PDT 3100 HV | T+A SDV 3100 HV
T+A PDT 3100 HV & T+A SDV 3100 HV Review

T+A took a giant step forward with its „HV“ series. Now the SDV3100HV streaming DAC along with the SACD drive PDT3100HV want to catch up to the…

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Canton Smart Vento 3
Canton Smart Vento 3 Review

Canton activated the Vento series. The Smart Vento 9 is now followed by the compact 3rd generation.

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Phonar P4 Match Air
Phonar P4 Match Air Review

Phonar’s P4 Match Air is based – elaborately activated – on the passive model P4 Next.

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Piega 501
Piega 501 Premium Wireless Review

Piega‘s favorite material aluminum has both acoustical and optical advantages.

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Quadral Aurum Alpha
Quadral Aurum Alpha Review

Quadral fits 71 kilograms of “Titan”-technology and 700-watts of power into a living room-friendly cabinet.

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Triangle Sensa SN 03A
Triangle Sensa SN 03A

From Triangle in France comes a sympathetically affordable and very thought-through approach.

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AVM R 5.3
AVM R 5.3 Review

The German manufacturer AVM has now added two turntables to its product range. They have been developed entirely by AVM themselves. We are testing the…

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