The Audel Malika Plus + with and without Covers (Image Credit: Audel)
The Audel Malika Plus + with and without Covers (Image Credit: Audel)

Wooden Speaker with Besswax Surfaces

Audel Unveils new Speakers "Malika Plus +"

The new speakers from the Italian manufacturer Audel, coming in a complete birch wood cabinet, are said to be an improved version of the previously available Malika mk 2.

In the new floorstanding speaker, Audel has further improved the quality of the tweeter, among other things. Compared to the older Malika mk 2, the new model also has a second 140 mm "New Curve Cone" woofer; both are supported by a bass reflex port in the front. The cabinet has been further stiffened using Audel's new patented IRS technology.

Due to its design and modified dispersion pattern, the Malika Plus + also aims to counteract general listening fatigue (TTS Temporary Threshold Shift), especially in the frequency range between 1,000 Hz - 6,000 Hz. This, along with an improved bass foundation and speed, is said to guarantee long and comfortable listening. The new Malika Plus + is also said to have a higher dynamic range of over 92 dB at 4 ohms, making it suitable for use with tube amplifiers.

The new Audel Malika Plus + comes with an MSRP of about €9,000* per pair in the finishes Ebony Black and Canaletto Walnut. The third finish, Bruyère Walnut, has an MSRP of about €10,000* per pair. The front, parts of the back and the base are different for each of the three different finishes.

*Prices for Germany.


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