Cayin RU-6 (Image Credit: Cayin)
Cayin RU-6 (Image Credit: Cayin)

With Elaborate R-2R Ladder Network

Audiophile Mobile USB-DAC by Cayin

The new RU6 From Cayin is compact, suited for mobile use, and combines an R-2R USB DAC with a headphone amplifier.

When connected to the USB output of phones or tablets, the DAC in the Cayin RU6 converts the music stored or streamed on them up to 24-bit/384 kHz. Cayin uses an elaborate, discrete R-2R resistor ladder network for the conversion; the hardware volume buttons also use a sophisticated resistor network circuitry.

The best solution for the R-2R circuitry is to obtain the highest possible incoming bit-stream level and then apply a high-quality analog volume control after the signal is converted by the R-2R DAC. Therefore, Cayin recommends using a music player app for the smart device that supports Bit Perfect USB, bypassing the volume control of the source device.

An optional adapter cable is also available for devices with a Lightning connector. Two headphone outputs with 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm jacks are placed on the connection panel. The user can also choose between oversampling (with upsampling to 384kHz) or non-oversampling.

In Germany, the Cayin RU6 is available now for an MSRP of around 330 euros.


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