Preamplifier Hyperion P1 from Canor (Image Credit: Canor)
Preamplifier Hyperion P1 from Canor (Image Credit: Canor)

New tube combo from Slovakia

Canor Hyperion P1 and Virtus M1

The manufacturer Canor, focused on tube technology, presents a new preamplifier together with a mono power amplifier.

Both devices use Class A technology and sit in solid aluminum housings, supposed to aid against vibrations. In the preamplifier, damped pads aim to keep vibrations away from the sensitive tubes. 10 mm thick aluminum walls are supposed to provide optimal shielding of the individual components from each other, especially the volume control module. Canor has deliberately refrained from employing over-all negative feedback.

The P1 provides inputs for eight high-level sources – four via XLR and four via RCA. A ninth RCA input can optionally be switched as a fixed-level output. The volume-controlled output signal is available via RCA and XLR jacks. The M1 mono power amplifier contains output transformers with a mu-metal core, an encapsulated power transformer and a filter capacity of 3900 mF. Canor specifies the output power at 110 watts into 8 ohms.

The new amplifiers are scheduled to become available in the course of the 1st quarter of 2022*, at prices of 11,000 euros* for the preamplifier and 13,000 euros* for the mono power amplifier.

*Availability and prices for Germany.

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Connections of the preamplifier P1
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Encapsulated mains transformer, 10 mm thick internal walls: the inside of the P1
Encapsulated volume module, vibration damped tubes in the P1
Massive aluminum housing: the mono power amplifier M1
Strong "Binding posts": the speaker outputs of the M1
Output tubes and output transformers of the M1

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