Devialet Phantom I (Image Credit: Devialet)
Devialet Phantom I (Image Credit: Devialet)

Phantom I & Phantom II

Devialet Updates the "Phantom" Series

The all-in-one speakers from French manufacturer Devialet are now called Phantom I (formerly Classic, Silver and Gold) and Phantom II (formerly Reactor). Besides further improvements to the processor, they are equipped with new accessories and enhanced connectivity.

The unmistakable design of the "Phantoms" remained largely unchanged, only the finishes were slightly revised and are also available in matte now. The new processor chip is supposed to bring increased efficiency, reduce distortions and improve energy consumption. Apart from that, the technical basis seems to be mostly identical to the predecessors. Both models – Phantom I (formerly Classic, Silver and Gold) and Phantom II (formerly Reactor) – are available in three versions, two with different levels of power and maximum volume, and a particularly exclusive "Opéra de Paris" model with gold leaf applications.

The biggest changes are in the integration of sources and accessories. For example, a new circular remote control with a built-in display is now included with every Phantom I. It also works with the smaller Phantom II, but has to be ordered separately for around €180*. Another novelty is the Devialet "Arch" for around €350*, a hub that receives line-level, phono or even 2x digital-coaxial signals at its two RCA jacks and then sends the signals wirelessly to the Phantom speakers.

The Phantoms themselves are now equipped with UPnP, Airplay2 and Roon Ready, as well as a new LED light on the back for status control and a new standby mode.

Phantom models and prices per unit*:

Phantom I 103 DB: €1,890
Phantom I 108 DB: €2.790
Phantom I 108 DB Opera de Paris: €3.090

Phantom II 95 DB: €990
Phantom II 98 DB: €1.290
Phantom II 98 DB Opera of Paris: €1.590

*All Prices and Availability for Germany.


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