HEDDphone (Image: HEDD)
HEDDphone (Image: HEDD)

Headphone with „Air Motion Transformer“

HEDDphone soon available

At the Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage one could have a first listen.

HEDD stands for "Heinz Electrodynamic Designs", named after its founder and mastermind Klaus Heinz. With the HEDDPhone, he now presents his first full-range headphones in Air-Motion-Transformer technology. Air Motion Transformers work with a folded diaphragm that can move air much faster than conventional drivers with voice coil flat diaphragms. The ear-enclosing HEDDphone weighs an impressive 718 grams, has imitation leather ear pads, an impedance of 42 ohms and a RRP of 1700 euros.

HEDDphone (Image: HEDD)
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HEDDPhone AMT-Driver (Image: HEDD)

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