How much time do you spend actively listening to music?

The hi-fi journalist doesn't do much else than listen to his favourite music all day – to quote a common belief about our job. That's not quite true, of course, but one can confidently assume that we listen to more music than most hi-fi and music fans thanks to our profession. We wanted to find out how much time the subscribers of our bi-weekly STEREO Magazine Newsletter actual spend listening to music per week. Here, we have published the results of this survey.

  • listening to music helps to relax and confort the soul
  • I used to be a weekend listener. Since I retired and have more time and I turn on my system to enjoy the music more often.
  • I'd like to listen to music more but my time is limited.
  • I spend a lot more time than thus listening to TV and cinema as this is also a 5.1 surround system.
  • KiiThree & BXT addict
  • Mostly in the weekends, sometimes more and sometimes less, so as an average about 7 hours a week
  • As an active musician I used to hear every single day the music of other people from various genres.
  • If I listen to music more than 2 to 3 hours listening fatigue becomes an issue.
  • 90 minutes a night, roughly.
  • Listening to records.
  • All day, ...every day!
  • If I put together how much I listen to music both from my laptop whith B&W MM 1 speakers and from my full size Hi-Fi system it will be more then 15 hours.
  • Retired 67 year old
  • Listen: 1. Mozart , Beethoven . Bach, Tschaikowsky ,
    2. Pop , Rock ,Blues
    on CD, SACD, FLAC, APE, AAC ...
  • Define: actively listening.
  • I mostly listen in the evening after work.
  • Mostly in the evenings when everyone else is in bed
  • The system is shared and used to listen to recorded music, online radios and streaming from Qobuz (me) and Spotify (the kids).
  • Never enough time to truly just listen. It may be "on" but many times I'm not really "listening" as I'd like to be.
  • Every day 1-2 hours internet radio (trough my tubes amp) and on weekend 2-6 hours vinyl or tape.

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