Power Socket with Noise Cancelling

iFi Audio PowerStation

We know the term "Active Noise Cancelling" from headphones. iFi has now transferred this technology to the socket strip.

Instead of using coils and capacitors, i.e. passive elements, to filter out interference components from the mains voltage, iFi's active system uses a chip to analyse the interference noises and cancels them using signals in phase opposition. This way, interference signals in the entire frequency range are to be reduced by around 40 dB. Additional passive filters at each socket eliminate high-frequency interference typically caused by wireless transmission systems. The PowerStation also uses two LEDs to indicate whether the devices are connected in the correct phase and whether the system is correctly grounded. Each of the six sockets is housed in an insulated chamber to prevent interference. The PowerStation has a dark anodised aluminum enclosure and is now available for 550 euros.


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