The new mains filter V5 Sigmas from IsoTek (Image Credit: IsoTek)
The new mains filter V5 Sigmas from IsoTek (Image Credit: IsoTek)

Including EVO3 Premier mains cable

IsoTek presents new mains filter "V5 Sigmas"

The latest product in IsoTek's "V5" line is the V5 Sigmas mains filter, which aims to provide clean power to all components of a hi-fi system and carries seven outputs.

The seven power outputs of the new IsoTek V5 Sigmas are said to efficiently improve the performance of the devices connected to them – the manufacturer states, among other things, a 35% improvement in amperage, as well as a 40% increase in current handling capacity and improved DC resistance compared to its predecessor, the Evo3 Sigmas power filter.

Three of the outputs are high-current outputs intended for low-impedance devices such as power amplifiers, powered speakers or TVs; the other four outputs of the power filter are said to be optimized for source devices and preamplifiers, for example, as well as automatically detect the connected load.

According to IsoTek, each of the outputs has its own power supply and its own filtering, so that they can work independently and should not influence each other. Furthermore, among other things, the internal wiring with "Ohno Continuous Cast" copper conductors – silver-plated and surrounded by a special dielectric – is said to further optimize the power supply through the V5 Sigmas; high performance and low internal resistance are promised.

IsoTek's V5 Sigmas mains filter comes with the Evo3 Premier power cable and is expected to cost around €4500 in Germany.

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The new mains filter V5 Sigmas from IsoTek in black
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The connections on the new mains filter V5 Sigmas from IsoTek

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