Beastmaster One (left) and Two (Image: Liedtke-Metalldesign)
Beastmaster One (left) and Two (Image: Liedtke-Metalldesign)

Stands for mighty speakers

Liedtke's Beastmaster One and Two

These four sturdy metal stands with different heights also carry very heavy loudspeakers.

They are probably the mightiest loudspeaker stands on the market: the top plate of the "Beastmaster One" by Liedtke-Metalldesign rests on four columns with a diameter of 10 cm each. The top plate of the little brother "Beastmaster Two" rests on 4x9 cm. The base plate is each 12 mm thick and stands with the included, adjustable spikes or absorber pucks on the floor. The manufacturer offers two standard sizes for the upper plate – but other sizes are also possible for a moderate surcharge. The height of the columns can be selected from 30 to 70 cm in 5 cm intervals. They can be ordered in black or stainless steel and can be filled with sand. 8 anti-slip pads are also included. The stands are ordered in the online shop, and the pair prices start at 1600 euros for Beastmaster One and 1500 euros for Beastmaster Two.


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