in-akustik AIR power cable (Image Credit: in-akustik)
in-akustik AIR power cable (Image Credit: in-akustik)

AC-4004 AIR and AC-1204 AIR

New in-akustik Power Cables with AIR-Technology

Following the reference AC-2404 AIR, the two new models AC-4004 AIR and AC-1204 AIR now complete the AIR power cable series from in-akustik.

Specially developed clips are used to keep individual wires at a defined distance in the cables of this series. The resulting "air dielectric" is supposed to reduce power losses to a minimum and to significantly improve the electrical parameters.

The reference AC-4004 AIR with a multicore structure of 16 conductors is a combination of the AC-2404 AIR power cable and the LS-4004 AIR loudspeaker cable. The technology of the speaker cable LS-1204 AIR was used as a basis for the development of the reference AC-1204 AIR.

According to the manufacturer, the multi-core construction leads to an overlapping and thus compensation of the magnetic fields around the individual cores. This is intended to minimize the line inductance depending on the number of cores and to audibly reduce the skin effect caused by steep current edges at high frequencies.

Furthermore, the usable conductor cross section is to be expanded effectively and without the negative effects of thick cables. A dense shielding braid of tinned copper is to protect adjacent cables and components from external interference and prevent oxidation.

Every in-akustik Reference AIR power cable is tested and inspected with the utmost care. The results are recorded and each cable is given an individual serial number.

AC-4004 AIR SCHUKO: C13 / C19 High End from 2.400 Euro*
AC-1204 AIR SCHUKO: C13 / C19 from 550 Euro*

*Prices for Germany


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