The TAD-E2 "Evolution Two" Floorstanding Speakers (Image Credit: TAD)
The TAD-E2 "Evolution Two" Floorstanding Speakers (Image Credit: TAD)

Exclusive Components from Japan

New Speaker and DACs from TAD

TAD expands its "Evolution" series by adding the new floorstanding speaker TAD-E2, as well as two digital devices that offer slightly different features on top of D/A-conversion.

Japanese manufacturer TAD – Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. – is introducing three new devices (to Europe), including the TAD-E2 "Evolution Two" floorstanding speakers, which were first unveiled at the Tokyo International Audio Show in late 2021. The speakers carry two newly developed 15.5cm woofers/midrange drivers with dual-layered "MACC (Multi-layered Aramid Composite Cone)" cone, which is said to provide strong and clear bass response together with the reinforcing "Delta Bracing Structure", and other features.

Like other speakers in TAD's Evolution series, the TAD-E2 carries a tweeter with a 2.5 cm beryllium membrane whose shape is said to have been optimized by special computer analysis. The tweeter also features a newly developed aluminum waveguide designed to suppress resonances, and, according to TAD, it achieves an upper cutoff frequency of 60 kHz. Another special feature of the speakers is the bi-directional "Aero-Dynamic Port": the bass port, located at the bottom of the cabinet, opens to the rear as well as to the front in equal parts, which is supposed to produce less noise.

DAC and more: D1000TX and DA1000TX

In addition to the speakers, two new digital devices are also coming from TAD: the D1000TX and the DA1000TX. The only difference between the two D/A converters is their equipment: While the D1000TX works as a "Digital Media Center" – offering a high-quality aluminum CD/SACD drive – the DA1000TX is a pure DAC, but carries a headphone output to make up for that. Both devices feature the third generation of TAD's self-developed "Asynchronous USB Communication Engine", which is supposed to guarantee precise reception of audio files fed via USB. It is also said to be able to process signals up to DSD256 at 11.2 MHz as well as PCM 364 kHz DXD with low distortion.

In the way of digital inputs, both devices carry 1x XLR, 2x coaxial, 1x optical as well as 1x USB; In addition to the option to output the converted signal analog via RCA or XLR, they also offer one XLR and coaxial digital output each. The analog outputs can additionally be regulated by a volume control. Thus, according to TAD, the devices can be connected directly to a power amplifier, working as a preamplifier. Further advantages are said to be, among other things, a special housing structure and newly developed feet – both of which aim to keep vibrations away –, as well as the special self-developed clock.

The TAD-E2 "Evolution 2" floorstanding speakers are to be available in Europe starting in May 2022*, at a price of €14,250 per pair*. Both the D1000TX and the DA1000TX should already be available*, at prices of €18,800 and €14,500, respectively.

*Availability and prices for Germany.

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The TAD-E2 "Evolution Two" Floorstanding Speakers
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The DA1000TX DAC with Headphone Jack from TAD in Silver
The D1000TX DAC with CD-Drive from TAD in Black
The rear of the D1000TX from TAD; The Connections of the DA1000TX are Identical

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