Meridian Control App (Screenshot from Apple App Store)
Meridian Control App (Screenshot from Apple App Store)

Uniform App for Control

New Universal Control App from Meridian Audio

The Meridian Control App for controlling and configuring the Model 210 streamer has been updated to now also include these features for the Models 218, 251, 271 and ID41.

These four products were previously supported by Meridian's "IP Control" app, whose functionality has been merged with the new app.

As a result, the Meridian app is universal for all the previously mentioned products – regardless of whether they are used individually or in combination with other product types. In addition, the app includes a version of the "Meridian Device Manager". It scans the network to find and integrate all Meridian products included in it.

The new unified app is designed to simplify the installation and operation of Meridian systems with the aforementioned products. Users also get simplified zone control with it.

Under the name of "Meridian Control," the new app is available for free in both the iOS and Android app stores. The "IP Control" app has been removed from the stores.


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