Next to instead of underneath the TV: the A-125 (Picture: Nubert)
Next to instead of underneath the TV: the A-125 (Picture: Nubert)

nuBox A-125

Soundpair instead of Soundbar

Instead of a loudspeaker bar underneath the television, which offers just one meter of stereo width, you could simply place a compact loudspeaker box to the left and right of the TV set. That's what Nubert thought and developed the nuBox A-125 active speakers.

It is a master-slave set: the complete electronics are plugged into the right box and supply the left, passive box via the supplied 3 meter long special cable (optionally 5 or 7 meters). The A-125 is connected via HDMI (ideal for televisions) or via the optical or electrical digital input or simply via the analogue stereo cinch sockets. Smartphones can also transmit music to the A-125 via Bluetooth with aptX. The loudspeakers are each equipped with a tweeter and a 12 cm woofer/midrange driver, which are controlled via a digital signal processor and their own power amplifiers. In "Movie" mode, speech intelligibility is improved and the stereo stage widened, while in "Music" mode all effects are switched off. The speakers, which are barely the size of a shoe box, have silk-matt grey lacquered baffles, foil-coated side walls and magnetically adhering, removable front covers. The speakers are only available as a set of two and only in direct sales for 385 euros.

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