(Image Credit: Christopher Wray-McCann)
(Image Credit: Christopher Wray-McCann)

Eddie Van Halen has died

Death of a Guitar Legend

Everyone probably knows his spectacular solos on "Jump" or the Michael Jackson classic "Beat It". Eddie Van Halen had admirers all over the world, including Frank Zappa and Miles Davis, and he was one of the best guitarists of all time, without a doubt. In a ranking of the "Rolling Stone" he came in on the 8th place: even before such legends as Carlos Santana, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Brian May.

Since the 1970s, the musician, born in Amsterdam in 1955, has had a significant influence on the US rock band Van Halen: through his tricky, effective and varied guitar playing – often at a tempo that takes your breath away. He perfected new playing techniques like "tapping" and created unheard-of sounds.

Now Eddie Van Halen died of throat cancer at the age of 65.


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