DSP 502 (oben) und DSP 501, Front und Rückfront (Bild: Weiss)
DSP 502 (oben) und DSP 501, Front und Rückfront (Bild: Weiss)

DACs and Streamers

Weiss: series 5 is „Roon ready”

The digital specialist from Switzerland highly praised Roon: "Roon is the next generation audio player software that does many of the things we like to use right," says Daniel Weiss – and presents his series 5 devices as "Roon ready" certified.

There are 4 models: two DACs with streaming function DAC 501 and DAC 502, which differ essentially in their size, and the two new Streaming Bridges DSP 501 in the small case and DSP 502 in the large case. The DSP models offer the same functions as the DAC versions, but they have no D/A converter and no analog outputs on board. A special feature of all 4 models is the DSP function, which amongst other things allows room modes to be suppressed. The "DSP" devices even offer two digital outputs with separate DSP signal paths, so that output 1 can be optimized for loudspeaker reproduction and output 2 for headphone reproduction. Local digital sources can be connected via USB A and B, S/PDIF and AES/EBU. PCM files up to 384 kHz clock rate and DSD files up to 5.6 MHz can be processed via USB. The devices are available in black or silver, and prices range from 6600 Euro for the DSP 501 to 9900 Euro for the DAC 502.


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