WTX-700 plugged in (Image: Advance Paris)
WTX-700 plugged in (Image: Advance Paris)

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aptX-HD-Bluetooth-Adapter WTX-700

The French manufacturer has updated its Plug&Play adapter to the latest version.

Two cinch connectors are integrated directly into the WTX-700 – the adapter is simply plugged onto the double cinch input of an amplifier and supplied with power via an external power supply unit. It then receives Bluetooth signals from a smartphone or notebook using the aptX HD and AAC codecs. For D/A conversion, Advance Paris uses a separate DAC chip from Texas Instruments, which is specified at "32 bit 384 kHz" – a resolution that of course cannot be achieved via Bluetooth. After all, aptX HD supports a max of 24 bits at 48 kHz. The WTX-700 is now available for 130 Euro.

WTX-700 (Image: Advance Paris)
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