Sonoro Orchestra and Maestro (Image Credit: Sonoro)
Sonoro Orchestra and Maestro (Image Credit: Sonoro)

Air-Motion Tweeter

First ever: Sonoro „Orchestra“ Loudspeakers

Sonoro's first ever individual loudspeakers will be quite compact and will cost 1000 Euro per pair. They are due to be launched this summer.

Up to this point, German manufacturer Sonoro has been predominantly known for its all-in-one units. With the new Orchestra loudspeakers, Sonoro is now becoming a full-range hi-fi supplier. Their entry to the world of hi-fi speakers also isn't just a boring standard-construction with a dome tweeter, but a rather special one with Air Motion Transformer as tweeter. A 15 cm driver with die-cast basket and PE-coated paper cone is responsible for the low/midrange. The bass port in the HDF cabinet can be sealed with the included foam plug. With their height of almost 37 cm the speakers are suitable for shelf mounting. They are coated with black or white piano lacquer and come with a removable cover. They are traditional passive 4-Ohm speakers that can be operated not only with Sonoro's "Maestro", but by any amplifier, receiver, etc.


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