The new Audiolab 7000A, 7000N and 7000CDT (Image Credit: Audiolab)
The new Audiolab 7000A, 7000N and 7000CDT (Image Credit: Audiolab)

Based on product lines 6000 and 9000

New 7000 Series from Audiolab

Audiolab's new midrange product line is said to incorporate technologies from the new 9000 flagship models and consists of an integrated amplifier, a streamer as well as a CD transport.

The new Audiolab 7000 series is supposed to position itself between the more affordable 6000 and the recently introduced flagship 9000 series, and thus also inherit some features of the latter. For example, all three new devices – the integrated amplifier including DAC 7000A, the CD transport 7000CDT and the streamer 7000N Play – have an IPS LCD color display.

Integrated Amplifier Audiolab 7000A

In addition to improved sound quality, the new Audiolab 7000A integrated amplifier is also supposed to convince with its connectivity options. It thus carries, in addition to three analog RCA inputs, a phono MM input as well as two coaxial and two optical connectors, HDMI ARC, USB audio, and also accepts signals via Bluetooth. Digital signals are converted via an ESS ES9038Q2M 32-bit DAC with "HyperStream® II architecture"; the 7000A also carries a "Roon Tested" certification as well as an MQA decoder.

According to Audiolab, the Class AB amplifier should deliver a power of 70 watts (8 ohms) / 110 watts (4 ohms) per channel, and thanks to "Complementary Feedback Topology" offer high temperature stability as well as linearity, among other benefits.

Audiolab 7000A Integrated Amp Images

The new amplifier Audiolab 7000A from the front
2 Bilder
The new amplifier Audiolab 7000A from the back

CD Transport Audioab 7000CDT

The CD transport 7000CDT, which as a transport only outputs its signals digitally either via coax or optical, is said to contain various features originating from the flagship 9000CDT, such as the "read-ahead buffer". The output signal is supposed to offer low jitter thanks to a crystal oscillator in the clock, while the housing with shielded CD drive is said to work against vibrations. In addition, the 7000CDT also plays signals given to it via USB-A.

Audiolab 7000CDT CD Transport Images

The new CD transport Audiolab 7000CDT from the front
2 Bilder
The new CD transport Audiolab 7000CDT from the back

Streamer Audiolab 7000N Play

The Audiolab 7000N Play is supposed to act as a universal streamer and thus offer access to the entire world of streaming, working with DTS Play-Fi for this. Streaming services, radio stations or media servers can be streamed to the 7000N Play via the app. Additionally, Audiolab states that the 7000N Play can also receive signals via Apple Airplay. A digital coaxial and optical output as well as a couple of analog RCA jacks are available as outputs.

Audiolab 7000N Play Streamer Images

The new streamer Audiolab 7000N Play from the front
2 Bilder
The new streamer Audiolab 7000N Play from the back

All three new Audiolab devices are stated to be available immediately*, in silver or black finish; both the 7000CDT CD transport and 7000N Play streamer come at a price of around €650* each, and the 7000A integrated amplifier around €1300*.

*Availability and prices for Germany.


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