Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core (Image Credit: Mytek)
Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core (Image Credit: Mytek)

Streamer, Preamplifier and Headphone Amplifier

New Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II with Integrated Roon Core

Mytek introduces the new "Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core" as the successor to the popular Brooklyn Bridge streamer. In addition to being a network player, preamplifier and headphone amplifier, the new device now carries an integrated Roon Core, among other things.

In a standard setup, using the high-quality music playback and management software Roon requires at least one Roon-compatible server, Roon-capable endpoint devices, as well as a device that acts as a remote control. Mytek's new Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core now combines all three functions into a single unit. This means that only access to the network, a paid Roon subscription, speakers and a power amp are needed to listen to music via Roon. The device is controlled either via the built-in touchscreen or via smartphone or tablet.

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Two versions of the Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core are available, differing in the size of the built-in storage: A version with 64 GB of internal memory is particularly suitable for running Roon with streaming services like Tidal or Qobuz, while the version with 4 TB of storage is ideal for use as a music server. The integrated Roon server is a closed system based on Mytek's own operating system Mytek OS. The built-in Intel i5 processor is also said to perfectly manage larger music collections as well as multiple streams in a multi-room setup.

As the first component of its kind, the new Brookly Bridge II combines a high-quality DAC, preamplifier and headphone amplifier in addition to the integrated Roon Core and control options directly on the device. Other devices can be connected via analog RCA jacks – the Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core even offers a built-in phono input for a turntable (MM or MC switchable). USB, Toslink and S/PDIF connections are available for digital sources. Connecting Windows, MacOS or Linux computers is said to work without the need for any additional drivers.

Two separate headphone jacks on the front panel allow connection of unbalanced and balanced headphones. A completely analog volume control in 1dB steps is integrated for both headphone outputs as well as for the XLR and RCA connections.

The built-in ESS Sabre ES9028Pro 8-channel DAC chipset can convert PCM data up to 384kHz/32-bit, as well as DSD up to 256x, DxD and MQA with built-in hardware decoder. A DAC technology originally developed for Mytek's flagship "Empire" Streamer is also used here: "Harmonic Audio Tuning" is said to allow for switching the sound characteristics of the DAC between highest precision and warmer sound signature.

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An oversized PSU with separate power supply for the server section is supposed to provide stable conditions and let the digital and analog sections operate in their optimal ranges without sonic interference. The Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core, like all Mytek components for the European market, is individually handmade in the EU.

The Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core will be available with either a silver or black front panel in April 2023 from retailers or directly from Mytek Europe in Warsaw, Poland. The prices of around €4,000 for the 64 GB version and around €4,800 for the version with 4 terabytes of storage are for Germany and do not include software and streaming subscriptions.


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