Stax SR-X9000 (Image Credit: Stax)
Stax SR-X9000 (Image Credit: Stax)

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New Stax Headphones SR-X9000

The Japanese company Stax unveils its new top model: The SR-X9000 is said to be equipped with numerous innovations and even surpass the SR-009S.

For the SR-X9000, the Stax developers claim to have found a way to improve the "MLER 2" electrodes used in the SR-009S even further. The new "MLER 3" electrodes now have a significantly larger metal grid, which is said to completely eliminate reflections. In addition, the surface area of the ultra-thin plastic foil has been increased by 20%.

The housing is made of intricately crafted aluminum and is supposed to be vibration-free. For the ear pads, Stax uses high-quality, especially soft sheep skin leather. This is said to have excellent breathability and ensure that the SR-X9000 can be worn for extended periods of time.

In Germany, the SR-X9000 is supposed to be available from mid-October at a price of around €7,250.


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