Dan Clark Audio Stealth (Image Credit: Dan Clark Audio)
Dan Clark Audio Stealth (Image Credit: Dan Clark Audio)

With new "Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System"

Closed High-End Headphones "Stealth" from Dan Clark Audio

After a full four years of development, Dan Clark Audio's new flagship "Stealth" is now coming, equipped with brand new 4th generation planar magnetic drivers, a new "Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System" and improved ergonomics.

According to Dan Clark Audio, all headphones are subject to standing waves in the higher frequencies that can cause this frequency range to sound harsh, fatiguing or synthetic. AMTS (Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System) is the manufacturer's patent-pending solution for this. It is an inline material placed between the transducer and the ear that combines waveguides, diffusion control, quarter-wave and Helmholtz resonators in a compact structure. The diffusion elements are said to reduce the formation of standing waves, while the resonators aim to act as both precision and broad filters, which are supposed to smooth and shape the frequency response.

The Stealth's all-new 4th generation magnetostatic driver is 20% larger than the Ether2 driver and uses DCA's patented V-Planar technology to reduce distortion and improve low frequency response. Membrane voltage is adjusted with an all-new system designed to provide smoother and more consistent voltage, lower distortion, and better driver matching, while fluid mechanics-optimized structures (using finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)) are supposed to increase driver force uniformity and smooth acoustic paths to reduce distortion.

The premium black leather headband features fine red stitching to create a quilted headband that is also meant to be functional and comfortable. The elegant embroidered Stealth logo adds a touch of color to the Stealth's all-black aesthetic.

The mechanical sliders to adjust the fit are no longer part of the headphones, as instead you'll find a sturdy yet comfortable "self-adjusting headband system" that is said to automatically place the headphones just right. The new ear cushions are made of vegan "suede" and "leather." Weighing just 418 grams, the Stealth is also one of the lightest super-premium headphones on the market. For storage or travel, the Aeon 2's gimbal folding structure is incorporated into the Stealth, which can be folded to fit into a compact custom carrying case.

The Stealth is designed and built by hand in San Diego, California.

In Germany, the MSRP for the DCA Stealth is set around 4100 euros, with first copies expected to be available from early September and open for pre-orders in stores now.

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