From 500 to 700 Dollar

Roon: Drastic Price Increase

Without prior notice, Roon Labs increased the price for the Lifetime license to $700. Already prior to this, the Roon software hasn't really been "cheap" with 500 dollars for the unlimited license.

But now Roon has raised the price by a whopping 40 percent to 700 dollars (around 630 euros) in one swoop. In the Roon Forum, managing director Danny Dulai explains the drastic step: Actually, they want to prevent customers from buying a lifelong subscription at all. This option was only introduced at the start in 2015 in order to obtain start-up financing for the new company. This way, the company was able to generate income in a short period of time to finance the project for the first 4 to 5 years. In the long run, however, such one-off revenues are unhealthy for the company. That is why they want to encourage customers to subscribe to the annual subscription – the price of which remains unchanged at 120 US dollars (108 euros). The regular revenues can be managed more reliably, and the Lifetime offer might be cancelled completely at some point. Of course, Microsoft, Adobe and other software companies agree. Whether customers are happy with the subscription models is another matter.


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