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STEREO Offers Online Marketplace for Hi-Fi Classifieds

We at STEREO have steadily expanded our presence on the Internet in recent months. Starting in December 2020, we launch a marketplace for classified ads as a relevant extension to our comprehensive range of digital offers.

From time to time, every STEREO reader will probably have to part with beloved hi-fi components, even if it is a difficult step. After all, we are all hobbyists and have been expanding and optimizing our hi-fi chain over the years, from new electronics or speakers to cables or sound enhancing accessories.

What do you do then with the hi-fi treasures that you have listened to, cared for and cherished for a long time and which are now obsolete? A "second system" for your office or the next generation? That would certainly be a smart solution, but if it doesn't work, you'll probably consider selling them, since, after all, throwing hi-fi components away is usually not appropriate – a clear case for the "STEREO Kleinanzeigenmarkt" classifieds marketplace.

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There are already numerous exciting offers in the STEREO classifieds marketplace.Discover them now!

Creating your personal account and ad is very intuitive and very easy. If the equipment you are offering is listed in our German STEREO test database, you can add the appropriate test profile and potential buyers will see it as part of your listing, including the lab results, test verdict and rating.

One Ad for One Euro

The platform also allows you to post videos, but these should be added in compressed form. Popular tools for conversion are available for free online, for example at www.cloudconvert.com. Adding a video showcasing a component’s functionality can certainly support your listing. Managing your ads is easy, just like creating personalized watch lists.

The STEREO classifieds market helps you find potential buyers at a reasonable price. There is a clear price structure of one Euro per ad per month, more precisely for 30 days. No hidden costs or sales fees that are unexpectedly charged afterwards. For dealers, we offer discounted bulk prices. Uploading multiple listing via an interface from your system to ours is also possible.

On the STEREO websites, both German and international, many thousands of active hi-fi fans are found every day. It is open to everyone worldwide. So, especially if you are looking for expensive high end or sought-after hi-fi rarities, international communication trading should not be uncommon. For easy communication, we recommend online translation tools, such as www.deepl.com/en/translator.

All acts of communication and transaction happen exclusively between buyer and seller. We only provide the necessary platform and ensure ample traffic in our STEREO classifieds marketplace.

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