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New Products in the STEREO-Shop

Our STEREO-Shop now has an even bigger selection of interesting hi-fi products. We also offer shipping to all of Europe and even other countries on request.

The STEREO-shop already holds a diverse range of hi-fi related products such as test-CDs and -LPs, spikes, various Vinyl accessories, and more. In addition to those already on offer, the following products are now available in our shop:

  •    Milty Pro Zerostat 3: The Zerostat 3 generates negative and positive ions that effectively neutralize positive and negative static electricity on the object surface. It requires no batteries.
  •    Blue Horizon Clean-It: Is the sound of the system slightly occupied and do impulses seem to come with a small start-up? Then it's time to clean all contacts. With Blue Horizons Fluid, which also protects against renewed corrosion, this works excellently, and afterwards the sound is fresh and immediate again.
  •     Blue Horizon Pro-Brush: The brush reliably removes dust from the record surface. This improves the playback quality and extends the life of your records as well as that of the cartridge. The use of the Pro-Brush also reduces the static electricity of the record, which can otherwise lead to pop and crackling noises. Probrush has more than 2 million antistatic carbon fiber bristles and is an essential tool for all owners of a turntable.
  •    Blue Horizon Pro-Level: With Blue Horizon's circular stabilizer you can meticulously align any hi-fi component. But it is a special recommendation for turntables, because it can be placed on their center spine and is – keyword sub-chassis drive – with 120 grams as heavy as a common record.
  •     Blue Horizon Pro-Mat: The unique material composition of Indian rubber, cork and leather holds the record "firmly" in place and suppresses the resonances that occur during playback. The two-part design allows different record thicknesses to be balanced without adjusting the VTA.
  •     IsoTek Spike & Shoe M6: Improve the performance of your audio equipment with these easy-to-use threaded M6 spikes. This set includes x4 M6 CNC precision-cut stainless steel spikes and shoes. Suitable for improving speaker performance.
  •     IsoTek Setup CD: 20 tracks will help you start, test and adjust your audio system. The CD features a mix of music, sounds and voices, as well as 14 special test and tuning tracks and carefully selected music from the prestigious Opus3 label.
  •    IsoTek Full System Enhancer CD: The CD contains multiple tracks of signals consisting of specially designed algorithms that can help shorten your system's break-in time. It can also be used to demagnetize audio and AV components.

All Products in the STEREO-shop are offered with a substantial discount for subscribers of our German magazine.


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