Delos (Picture: IsoAcoustics)
Delos (Picture: IsoAcoustics)

IsoAcoustics Delos

Wooden block as turntable base

The Canadian manufacturer IsoAcoustics presents "Delos", a new system for decoupling HiFi components, especially turntables.

It combines its vibration-dampening high mass with the company's own patented absorber feet. The mass of a solid wood block provides adequate resistance to vibration and is difficult to excite. What is still transmitted is absorbed by the four to six absorber feet. For different applications and personal preferences, Delos is available in two different plate sizes (45.5 x 38 cm and 56 x 40.5 cm) and two different thicknesses (4.5 cm and 7.6 cm). Prices start at 520 Euros and go up to 900 Euros for the largest and thickest version.


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