Lehmannaudio 3S-Device Feet (Image Credit: Lehmannaudio)
Lehmannaudio 3S-Device Feet (Image Credit: Lehmannaudio)

String Suspension System

3S-Absorber Feet by Lehmannaudio

Lehmannaudio launches a new series of absorber feet, equipped with the so-called String Suspension System (3S or Triple-S), designed to keep harmful resonances away from equipment.

For several years now, resonance absorption feet in fabric technology have been used in the upper price segment of Lehmannaudio products to eliminate disruptive and harmful micro-resonances as far as possible. By collaborating with Manfred Diestertich, the inventor of this fabric technology, Lehmannaudio´s managing director Norbert Lehmann had the opportunity to use further developed and significantly improved fabric discs in his own products and to offer them separately.

The first new products containing this technology are the 3S (String Suspension System, i.e. Triple-S) device feet, which are available in two different colors and four different versions each. The 3S feet are intended to provide a clearly audible improvement in sound reproduction thanks to an innovative combination of different techniques and materials (synthetic heavy foil and cork) used.

The 3S Points are all equipped with the same advanced state of the art fabric technology. Only the upper parts differ depending on the application. Micro-vibrations are efficiently converted into heat by the central three-part String Suspension Element in combination with the additional absorption materials.

The new feet are supposed to offer numerous improvements, such as significantly higher dynamics, greater playback clarity, stronger holographic room reproduction, more realistic stage representation, more tangible instrument texture, improved bass control and a blacker background, according to the manufacturer.

The following versions are available*:

3S Point 1; RRP: 179,- EUR/set (4 pieces)* This base, whose upper part is made of another layer of synthetic heavy foil, is simply placed under the corresponding audio device or screwed to the respective device using the center hole with a suitable screw – a process that takes only a few seconds per foot.

3S Point 2; RRP: 199,- EUR/set (4 pcs.)* This device base has an aluminum plate as the upper part, fitted with a small spike recess to accommodate the spikes that are especially common in speakers.

3S Point 36; RRP: 199,- EUR/Set (4 pcs.)* The top part is a fixed 20mm threaded rod with M6 thread. These feet have to be screwed directly underneath devices or speakers with the corresponding internal thread.

3S Point 38; RRP: 199,- EUR/Set (4 pcs.)* This version has a fixed 20mm threaded rod with M8 thread.

The 3S feet are available from mid-September in specialist shops*.

*Prices and Availability for Germany.

Lehmannaudio 3S-Device Feet in Black and Silver
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Lehmannaudio 3S-Device Feet
Lehmannaudio 3S-Device Feet with Thread

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