The new Aurender N200 (Image Credit: Aurender)
The new Aurender N200 (Image Credit: Aurender)

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Aurender Introduces new Music Server N200

Aurender's new server/streamer is said to be an improved version of the N100SC. It comes with a new processor, more system memory and space for up to two hard drives, among other features.

The N200 is supposed to offer a vastly improved sound, thanks in part to the new Intel quad-core processor with low power consumption, the silent linear power supply and a larger system memory of now 8GB. Thanks to the 6.9-inch color LCD display and larger dimensions, the new server is also said to be similar in appearance to the N20.

In terms of connections, the N200 features USB and coaxial digital outputs of the latest Aurender generation as well as a 2-way isolated Gigabit Ethernet port. The N200 can be used as a pure streaming bridge, for which a 240GB NVMe SSD is built in, caching the streamed music and delivering it to the digital outputs from there. For using it as a server, a drive has to be installed in at least one of the two slots on the back of the N200, since the device is delivered without a hard drive. To ensure a high degree of flexibility, customers can install both HDD and SSD drives in various sizes therein.

Like all other devices from Aurender, the N200 is controlled via the Aurender Conductor app, which is available for iOS and Android. In Germany, the N200 will cost around €6290.


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