Beogram 4000 Recreated (Image Credit: B&O)
Beogram 4000 Recreated (Image Credit: B&O)

Tangential Turntable Beogram 4000c

B&O Classic Refurbished

95 refurbished units of the Beogram 4000c – once more available as a Limited "Recreated" Edition

The retro trend has now also reached the design specialists from Denmark. However, the Beogram 4000c tangential turntable, an icon from the 1970s, is not being reissued – rather, 95 still existing copies are being disassembled and thoroughly inspected, carefully cleaned, supplemented with new parts, finally tested and fine-tuned by a team of experienced engineers at the main factory in Struer, Denmark.

B&O wants to use this campaign to demonstrate the longevity and timelessness of its creations. However it doesn't come cheap: For around 10,000 Euros, a numbered unit can be viewed in selected Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide starting October 12 and purchased starting October 19. Each turntable comes in a handmade box made of solid oak with aluminum details and with a five-year warranty.

Beogram 4000c with Dust Cover
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B&O calls its refurbished version "Recreated"

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