Acoustic Signature Invictus Neo (Image Credit: Acoustic Signature)
Acoustic Signature Invictus Neo (Image Credit: Acoustic Signature)

Featuring diamond bearings and vibration control

Acoustic Signature presents Neo-Series

Nine different turntables ranging with prices between €3600 and €155.000 – including new tonearms.

In the past 18 months, Acoustic Signature has developed two significant new technologies: the "DTD Bearing" with diamond-coated spindle for improved stiffness, accuracy and reliability, and "Automatic Vibration Control" for automatic minimization of engine vibrations. They have also improved their tonearms: the axles, prviously made from brass now consist of stainless steel, in order to increase stiffness and smoothness. The Prices for Neo tonearms range between 1300 and 24,000 euros*. Acoustic Signature offers a 15-year full warranty* for the Neo turntables and a 5-year warranty* on the Neo tonearms. An online registration is prerequisite for this.

*Prices, Warranty and Availability for Germany.

Ascona Neo (Image Credit: Acoustic Signature)
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Junior Neo (Image Credit: Acoustic Signature)

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