Magnat Transpuls 1000 (Image Credit: Magnat)
Magnat Transpuls 1000 (Image Credit: Magnat)

3-Way-Speakers for 800 Euros

New Retro-Loudspeakers from Magnat: Transpuls 1000

The three-way system of the Magnat Transpuls 1000, with a full-size 260 mm woofer, a 135 mm midrange driver and a horn tweeter, is a journey into the past, both in a technical and in a visual way.

With its high efficiency, 92.5 dB, the stereo loudspeaker should also be able to operate with smaller amplifiers. Among other things, this is due to the very light paper membranes and their suspensions, taken from PA technology, which make up the low and mid-range drivers. In the high-frequency range, the highly efficient horn principle is responsible for this efficiency.

Thanks to the 26 cm woofer and the perfectly tuned bass reflex construction, the Transpuls 1000 should be able to play as low as about 22 Hz. The "single-compression horn tweeter" reaches about 32,000 Hz, according to the manufacturer's specifications.

With a height of 79 cm, a width of 38 cm and a depth of only 28 cm it is the compact member of the family. The forward-facing bass reflex ports are designed to make it uncritical in terms of placement, allowing it to be positioned close to the wall. With a total weight of 20 kilos per speaker, the Transpuls 1000 is not necessarily a lightweight.

Like all members of the Transpuls family, the 1000 also has the typical look reminiscent of hi-fi of the 70s and 80s. Thanks to the fabric cover with its sturdy MDF frame, the drivers can also be hidden.

As part of a "holistic phase correction", the 5° angled cabinet is designed to ensure that all frequencies reach the ears at the same time.

The Magnat Transpuls 1000 is available now* and costs around 800 Euros* per pair.

*Availability and Price for Germany.

Magnat Transpuls 1000
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Magnat Transpuls 1000 with and without cover

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