Cover of the new album (Image: Brinkmann)
Cover of the new album (Image: Brinkmann)


Brinkmann-LP, the second

After the success of the debut LP, Brinkmann Audio brings a second: "Get That Motor Runnin'" with the jazz trio Blicher, Hemmer and Gadd appears on vinyl, MQA CD and streaming services.

The new album contains 3 studio and 3 live recordings with saxophonist Michael Blicher, drummer Steve Gadd and Dan Hemmer on the Hammond organ. Also present: British singer Paul Carrack with the ballad "The First One to Know". "Get That Motor Runnin" was mastered in MQA and is available on Tidal in "Master" format. The LP was cut using DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) on an original Neumann VMS 82 directly controlled by Brinkmann's Nyquist Mk II Streaming DAC. The LPs were pressed at "Vinyl Plant" in Estonia. LP and CD are now available.


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