Brinkmann RöNt III (Image Credit:, 2020)
Brinkmann RöNt III (Image Credit:, 2020)

With innovative "Rectifier Tube Simulator“

New Tube PSU "RöNt III" from Brinkmann

Brinkmann announces the third generation of its tube power supply for use with all Brinkmann turntables.

Instead of the previously used Chinese rectifier tubes, the new RöNt III now uses a "Rectifier Tube Simulator" developed by Helmut Brinkmann called BZ34, which performs the same function as a rectifier tube, but without power drift, aging and potential for failure.

The complex circuit emulates the function and sound of a GZ34 NOS Mullard tube. In doing so, the BZ34 uses the same octal tube connector as the 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier tube it replaces, so it can be retrofitted into existing RöNtIIs.

In addition to the BZ34, RöNtIII includes additional circuit modifications and improved transformers. In terms of features and aesthetics, RöNtIII is otherwise identical to its predecessor.

RöNtIII will ship in December at a German MSRP of 5,490€. The BZ34 "Rectifier Tube Simulator" will ship in early 2021, price 600€.


Brinkmann RöNt III
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Brinkmann RöNt III Connections
Brinkmann RöNt III Tubes
Brinkmann BZ234

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