Network players become preamps (Image Credit: Cambridge Audio)
Network players become preamps (Image Credit: Cambridge Audio)

Software update activates "Variable Out"

Cambridge Audio Streamers Can Now Also Work As Preamplifiers

With the latest update to version V2.12.0, the MXN10 and AXN10 network streamers from Cambridge get a variable, app-controllable output and can thus be used as preamps.

Owners of the network players do not have to do anything other than update the software of the app and firmware and activate the "Variable Out" mode in the corresponding Cambridge Audio app.

Then, the volume of all sources can be adjusted in the app. Thanks to the digital inputs, the network players thus act as digital preamps and can be connected directly to power amplifiers or active speakers. According to Cambridge, many users had wished for an adjustable analog output and have now been heard, as exactly this function has now been integrated into the StreamMagic platform via the recent software update.

The MSRPs for the two Cambridge Audio streamers stay unchaged at the following (for Germany including VAT):

Cambridge Audio MXN10: €499

Cambridge Audio AXN10: €599


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