Dinesh Paliwal (l.), Michael Mauser (Images: Harman)
Dinesh Paliwal (l.), Michael Mauser (Images: Harman)

Dinesh Paliwal steps down

Change of Leadership at Harman

Michael Mauser will be the new President and CEO.

After 13 years at the top of the Harman Group, Dinesh Paliwal is handing over his position as head of the company to Michael Mauser. However, he will continue to advise his successor and the board of directors until the end of the year. Under Paliwal's leadership, Harman had increased its turnover by 300 percent in the last ten years. He had remained at the helm of the company even after the takeover of the Harman Group by Samsung in 2017. Michael Mauser has been working for Harman for 22 years - since 2019 as head of operations. The Harman press release is silent about the reasons for the resignation of the 62-year-old Indian-born Paliwal and about whether he left voluntarily.



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