Club One (Image: JBL)
Club One (Image: JBL)

Bluetooth Headphones with Noise Cancelling

Customizable Headphones from JBL

The Harman brand is presenting three new Bluetooth headphones with "Personi-Fi" feature at CES.

All three models support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and they can be customized to your listening preferences via JBL's Headphones app. The resulting personal sound curve is then permanently stored in the headphones. Active noise cancelling is only offered by the two top models Club 950 NC (250 euros) and Club One (350 euros), the latter measuring the ambient noise level 50,000 times per second and adjusting the level of noise cancelling to suit the listener's environment. The aim is even to compensate for loss of sound caused by factors such as glasses, hair or head movements. Both flagships are circumaural models and are supplied with a hard case. The JBL Club series in black will be available in stores and on from February 2020.


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