ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid (Images: The Chord Company)
ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid (Images: The Chord Company)

Fluid to improve contact

Chord Company launches ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid

With the ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid, Chord Company found an innovative new way of improving the contact between plug and socket.

No matter the quality of a cable's plug – if it sits loosely in the socket, the contact is going to be bad. Since plug and socket rarely come from the same manufacturer and can have different tolerances depending on the surface coating, loosely fitting plugs occur frequently. The British cable specialist The Chord Company has now developed a fluid that improves the contact between plug and socket. The "ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid" set consists of two components: the "Transmission Fluid Polish" first cleans the contact surfaces and removes corrosion, finger grease, etc. Then the "Transmission Fluid Polymer" is applied – a highly conductive liquid that settles in the pores of the contact points and thus increases their effective surface area. The polymer fluid is water-based and non-toxic. Long-term tests at The Chord Company have shown that it is still effective after four years. The set with the two fluids costs 250 euros.

Microsopic illustration of the contact points: top left loose fit; below tight fit; right with contact liquid
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