Chord Burndy (Image Credit: The Chord Company)
Chord Burndy (Image Credit: The Chord Company)

For preamps, sources, active crossovers and power amps

Chord Burndy for Naim Audio

With the Burndy series The Chord Company brings ten different cables for Naim's special power connections.

The power interconnect cable, which transmits discrete and individually stabilized voltages from an outsourced power supply to the device, is a feature of Naim's top preamplifiers, sources, power amplifiers and upgrades.

The Chord Company has recognised the potential for improvement in this connection and has studied the influences closely. The Chord Burndy family of cables was developed on this basis. These are not assigned to any specific series at Chord, but combine technologies from the Signature to the ChordMusic series.

A total of ten different Burndy cables are available for preamps, sources, active crossovers and power amplifiers. They can therefore be used for all Naim audio constellations, including the original "olive" Naim devices.

The Chord Burndy is designed to provide exactly the same improvements in conductor, dielectric, contact area and shielding for which Chord cables are renowned.


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