High End September 2021 (Image Credit: High End Society)
High End September 2021 (Image Credit: High End Society)

High End Society

High End 2021 Postponed to September

The High End Audio Show, scheduled originally for May, will be rescheduled into the late summer, onto September 9-12, 2021. With this later date, the organizer HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH makes another step towards a successful new start of the show and at the same time increases the reliability and security of planning for all participants.

The new industry exhibition IPS – International Parts + Supply will therefore also be held in September. It will now take place parallel to the HIGH END on September 9 and 10 at the MOC Munich.

The organizer sees the need for action despite a very good booking situation and an extensive hygiene and infection protection concept. "We are gaining four months, which gives our customers, especially those from abroad, more time to plan reliably," says Managing Director Stefan Dreischärf. At the end of September, he and his team had announced the HIGH END 2021 for May. Since then, orders have been coming in continuously and the demand is high, showing tendencies towards the previous year's level. Nevertheless, the organizer receives anxious inquiries from trade fair participants on a daily basis, whose uncertainty about the renewed worldwide increase in the number of infections with the SARS-CoV2 virus is growing. Strict travel and quarantine regulations mean that exhibitors, from overseas in particular, are hesitant, as they cannot yet foresee when these will be lifted.

With the latest news of a promising vaccine, the probability that the spread of the coronavirus will slow down significantly is now increasing. Dreischärf is convinced: "In view of this positive outlook, everything suggests that immunization will be more noticeable in late summer 2021 than in May. We therefore assume that by then international travel will again be possible almost without restriction". For exhibitors and visitors from abroad, the later date consequently makes the entire trade show planning easier – without the current concerns and with more room for decisions until the new registration deadline at the end of March.

In recent months, the organizer of the world's leading audio show has been working on new concepts to ensure that exhibitors will find optimal conditions for successful business even under pandemic conditions and that all participants will feel safe and secure. "We are convinced that live trade fairs are still indispensable for the audio industry and are doing everything we can to continue our success story", Dreischärf emphasized. But the organizer is also aware of the great responsibility for a carefree and smooth operation of the show, where personal contacts are quite common. "No one can foresee the future," according to the Managing Director. "But we must assume that infection prevention measures will continue to accompany us in the coming year." Therefore, there will be no return to normal conditions for the time being. Nevertheless, he dares to hope for less strict regulations for trade shows, should the pandemic be significantly contained by September 2021. The sustainable and flexible hygiene and infection protection concept will of course be maintained and adapted to current conditions.

Recently, the Finest Audio Show Zurich, also organised by the HIGH END SOCIETY, was cancelled for 2021 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The next iteration of this show is thus being planned for the 15. and 16. of January 2022.


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