RC1 (Image: Bluesound)
RC1 (Image: Bluesound)

Alternative to the App

Infrared Remote for Bluesound

As convenient as the operation via app may be: for the standard functions many prefer to use a specialized remote control.

Just turn down the volume quickly or pause the music: you don't really want to unlock your phone and open the app for that. This is why Bluesound now offers the matt black infrared transmitter RC1 as an option. It can control all Bluesound devices of generations 2 and 2i as well as all "BluOS"-capable products of the sister brand NAD Electronics. The remote control is limited to the functions title jump forward/backward, volume +/- and start/pause. In addition, two freely programmable buttons and 10 presets are available for direct control of specific Internet radio stations or streaming providers. To avoid possible conflicts with existing IR remote controls, the RC1 can be set to eight different infrared channels. It costs 69 Euro including two button cells.


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