Bluesound Pulse Sub+ (Image Credit: Bluesound)
Bluesound Pulse Sub+ (Image Credit: Bluesound)

Wireless Subwoofer

New Pulse Sub+ from Bluesound

Bluesound's new Pulse Sub+ network subwoofer comes with new features, a larger driver and more power.

The compact active subwoofer Pulse Sub+ largely corresponds to its predecessor in size and form. However, for the first time the new Pulse Sub+ is integrated into the home network as an independent player, just like any other Bluesound product. The attribution to the desired partner is done – like most other settings – via the BluOS app installed on a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. A cable connection is therefore no longer necessary – apart from the power cord of course. It is however still possible via the cinch input of the Sub+ if necessary.

The new Sub+ uses a considerably larger driver measuring 200 mm in diameter as well as a amplifier, which is significantly stronger with 200 watts of pulse power. The chassis, with its particularly light and strong polypropylene membrane, and the amplifier are perfectly matched to each other with the help of the integrated digital sound processor and are intended to provide powerful, dynamic bass reproduction in small to medium-sized living rooms.

Bluesound has retained the versatile set-up options for the Pulse Sub+: Thanks to its barely 15 cm deep housing, it can also be hung on the wall, hidden inconspicuously behind a curtain or even placed under the sofa. A wall mount is included in the scope of delivery. The Pulse Sub+, which will be available from authorized dealers in mid-October, will cost around 850 euros alone and around 1,700 euros in a bundle with the Pulse Soundbar 2.

Bluesound Pulse Sub+ white, wall mounted
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Bluesound Pulse Sub+ white, without cover

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