Integrated Amplifier Anni from Chord (Image Credit: Chord Electronics)
Integrated Amplifier Anni from Chord (Image Credit: Chord Electronics)

For Headphones and Compact Speakers

Miniature Amp "Anni" from Chord Electronics

As part of the compact "Qutest" series from the British manufacturer Chord, the new desktop integrated amplifier "Anni" is supposed to be able to drive both headphones and compact speakers.

In addition to the “Huei“ phono preamplifier and the “Qutest“ DAC, the new amplifier “Anni“ is the third device in Chord's compact “Qutest“ series. Among other things, the "ULTIMA" amplifier technology is used in this device; it has a power of 10 watts. This is supposed to allow the "desktop amplifier" to drive shelf speakers in addition to all types of headphones. In both cases, the "dual-feed-forward error-correction topology" also aims to correct errors and distortions in the signal.

Anni features a 3.5mm as well as a 6.35mm headphone output, which can also be used to drive two headphones simultaneously, as well as speaker outputs for banana plugs. Two pairs of analog RCA jacks serve as inputs; switching between these is possible. The amplifier comes with an external power supply, and thanks to a DC output it can power the other components of the Qutest series if they are used as a complete system.

In Germany, the new Anni integrated amplifier from Chord Electronics is said to be available from the beginning of October for around €1550. It will only be available in black for now.

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New integrated amplifier Anni from Chord

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